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Introducing Commemorative Triathlon Prints of Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander printsCapturing a moment in time from an amazing event or achievement is something that can be done in many ways; here is a new one we have discovered for our sport of triathlon. Introducing limited edition, original pencil drawing triathlon related prints via sports illustrator and triathlete Dan Parravano.

"In every athletic contest there is a point where an athlete has to dig very deep inside. I draw those moments." Capturing the essence of the athlete in that moment is what fuels Dan's artistic desire. "I try to distill the moment to its very essence." Dan's minimalist style and attention to detail defines his style. "Whether it's a PGA Tour member, an Ironman Triathlete, or an amateur competing in his or her first 5K, I try to capture that inner struggle where character is revealed."

Dan's latest illustrations feature one of our sports greatest and fiercest competitors, Craig Alexander, who in 2011 captured two Ironman world titles in just over a month. In September he captured the 2011 Ironman 70.3 World Championship title in Las Vegas and a month later captured his third Ironman World Championship title in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Now you can own a piece of history with these unique prints from either race for your memorabilia collection. The Autographed, Limited-Edition original pencil drawing prints featuring Craig Alexander are now available for purchase. Each and every print is individually signed by the artist, numbered, and autographed by Alexander himself.

There are 200 prints from each race; each print measuring 16" x 20". Prices range from $75 to $150 and vary according to the print number you choose. The memorabilia triathlon prints are available at: www.danparravano.com. Prints can be shipped internationally.

Craig signing printHow about this as proof. Here is Craig signing the prints not long ago. Notice him signing a few prints in pink. These will be donated to breast-cancer charities for auction or for sale only during the month of October.

All drawings are based on photographs from award-winning photographers such as Delly Carr, and from Paul Phillips and Kerry Yndestad from Competitive Image.

The two new prints are Dan's latest illustrations, but not his only triathlon related prints. He also has prints of 2010 Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae (Limited-edition 150 prints), Chris Lieto (Limited-edition 150 prints) from his 2009 second place finish in Kona and Dave Scott (Limited-edition 150 prints) from his record-setting 6th win at the 1987 Ironman World Championship. Each and every print is individually signed by the artist, numbered, and autographed by the featured triathlete.

Mirinda Carfrae Chris Lieto Dave Scott

"Art inspires, sports inspire, and great athletes inspire. As a combination of all these things, I hope these prints inspire you." - Sports Illustrator Dan Parravano

We asked Dan what got him into drawing professional triathletes, since his collection seems to include various Professional Golfers? Although always a runner, my passion had been playing golf. Naturally I sought out the players I was interested in drawing and was initially inspired by the beautiful golf instruction books illustrated by Anthony Ravielli. Occasionally I would challenge myself to complete an Olympic distance triathlon just to measure fitness level. I became more and more interested in triathlon and the men and women who compete in them and found a source of endless inspiration in Ironmen. I've now completed two 70.3 Ironman races and my goal is to do a full Ironman in 2013.

Visit www.danparravano.com or follow @danparravano to stay up-to-date with future triathlon prints. On the drawing table is a print of professional triathlete Cameron Dye.

Dan will do commission artwork for people who want to have their special moment commemorated. Prices start around $650.