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TriMapper Helps with Iron Distance Triathlon Decisions

trimapper logoThere are many things to consider when picking and iron distance triathlon event. When, Why and Where are just a few. This post won't necessarily go into the details; instead it will introduce a site to help you with some of the key factors.

Everyone's reason for doing a WTC Ironman event, a Challenge Family Long Distance race or and Independent Iron Distance triathlon varies. Now with new races popping up every year, knowing what's out there is key as well and TriMapper has something to help with that.

Not all iron distance events are the same. Seasoned athletes as well as newbies to the sport or distance usually pick a race based on some or all of the following general criteria:

  • Time of Year (usually a factor based where one live and the type of training one likes to do or want to do, usually indoor vs outdoor)
  • Location, Destination, Travel (a consideration when looking for convenience, family / friends or post race recovery)
  • Strengths / Weakness vs Course Profile (used when looking for a challenge or just wanting to finish a race)
  • Course Type (ocean, lake, protected or wetsuit swim, hilly, flat or number of loops on bike and fast, challenging or spectator friendly run courses)
  • Brand Loyalty (key if you want to go to kona vs cost, size and all the other things mentioned)

TriMapper.com, the interactive triathlon finder website has some great specialty maps of races that can come in handy during the decision making process.

trimapper iron distance triathlon map.png

The interactive maps display the locations of the iron distance triathlon events with markers on a map, so you can visually see where they are located. Type in a city or country in the search field and the map is positioned there. It's just not races in the US; it shows races around the globe, on one page. No more scouring the web to find races on individual sites, here it's all on one (technically 3 pages based on type/brand). The maps have filter capabilities along with the races details and links to the event website, just click on the map markers. The information on the map is centralized, so you don't have to wander searching the web. Unlike some other sites, the map markers are positioned at the spot of the race site. You can use that info if you need to find nearby hotels for your race stay.

TriMapper has dedicated maps for the Ironman Series, Challenge Family as well as a world map of for independent Iron Distance triathlons of 140.6 miles or 226km like the HITS Triathlon Series. The site also features a specialty map for the Ironman 70.3 Series, just I case you are looking for a training race before your iron distance event.

Check it out; you might come across a race that you didn't know existed. It can help when choosing a race to participate in for some of the criteria factors mentioned.

Have you found your Iron Distance triathlon race to do this year?

TriMapper has more that just Iron Distance Triathlons listed on the site, it currently features over 2,250 triathlon races plotted on 6 continents from 93 countries.

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