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ETU / Challenge Championship's set to be Biggest in History

ETU-Challenge LogosThe 2012 ETU European Long Distance Triathlon Championships are set to be the biggest in the history of the sport with over 3,500 competitors taking part in both the half and full distance disciplines at Challenge Kraichgau and Challenge Roth respectively.

As part of the agreement with the Challenge Family, during this transition year the ETU has made an exception to the rules to allow as many people as possible to have the honour of racing for their country and the quota rule per age category will not be enforced.

To this effect, every European athlete who has a start license with their national federation and is already entered in Challenge Kraichgau or Challenge Roth will automatically be on the start list of the ETU Championships, there is no requirement for them to make a separate entry. In addition, the rule for wearing national race suits has been relaxed so they are no longer compulsory for Age Group Athletes.

"It is extremely important for both Challenge and the ETU that we deliver the most successful European Championships for the athletes at Kraichgau and Roth. This is why we have made the process as easy as possible for the athletes to be able to say they have raced for their country. All the usual additional costs will be covered by Challenge," said Felix Walchshöfer, CEO of Challenge Family. "The race suits are not mandatory but we encourage the athletes to think about getting their national suit as it'd be awesome to see as many as possible proudly sporting their national colours."

The Kraichgau ETU Challenge Half Distance Triathlon European Championships on 10 June will feature a field of 1,500 athletes while Roth ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon European Championships on 8 July will have over 2,000 racing out of the 5,000 strong Challenge Roth field.

Mr Walchshöfer went on to say that those athletes who usually race under a day license could also be eligible to be part of the ETU Championship field.

"All athletes who have a one day pass should get in touch with their national federation to secure a start license before the race. Challenge will then transfer them into the ETU Championships."

Some additional slots to both races are available via the national Federations on a first come, first serve basis.

For further information please visit the European Triathlon Union website europe.triathlon.org

Information on the individual events can also be found at www.challenge-kraichgau.com or www.challenge-roth.com respectively.

For further information on the Challenge Family and its global series of 11 long distance triathlons, visit www.challenge-family.com.