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2012 Danskin Triathlon Series to Feature 8 Races

danskin triathlon seriesThe Xxtra Mile LLC, a women's and girl's active lifestyle company based in New York City, announced its 2012 Events Calendar today, which includes the eight-race Danskin Triathlon Series and two stand-alone Events. It is anticipated that, collectively, the 8 all-women Danskin Triathlon Series events, each comprised of a half-mile swim, 12-mile bike and three-mile run, will attract more than 20,000 women and girls and close to 60,000 spectators. Details regarding the two stand-alone Events will be disclosed soon.

"The Danskin," which has been conducted for more than 20 years, has provided the opportunity to "TRI" for more than 375,000 women in more than 150 races, since its start in 1990. It is the largest and longest running multi-sport Series in the United States. In 2012 races will be held in:

 • Orlando, Florida - May 13
 • Austin, Texas - June 3
 • Howell, Michigan - August 5
 • Seattle, Washington - August 19
 • Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin - August 26
 • Sandy Hook, New Jersey - September 9
 • Palm Springs, California - October 7
 • Webster, Massachusetts - TBD

"Our team has delivered the triathlon experience to hundreds of thousands of women and girls across the country, and it still excites us to see the look of sheer joy and achievement as each woman crosses the finish line," said Xxtra Mile Partner and Series Director Maggie Sullivan. "The stories that we hear from women about how our event has changed their lives is something we cherish. It is what motivates us to continually listen to our participants about what they want and need in order to produce the best races in the country."

Ms. Sullivan continued, "We are thrilled to announce that joining long-standing Platinum level sponsors of the Danskin Series - BIC Soleil and Whole Living Magazine - will be Giant Bicycle, under the Liv/giant brand.

A multi-year agreement that launches with the 2012 Danskin Triathlon season will position Liv/giant securely in the Official Bike category of the sport's pre-eminent Series for women through 2014. Liv/giant is a cycling brand dedicated to the female rider. As the Official Bike Sponsor of "the Danskin," Liv/giant makes clear its support of female consumers and their desire to ensure that the call to action to "get back to bike riding" - on whatever level one chooses - is heard far and wide. I say - let's go ride our bikes!"

"We're proud to join the Danskin Tri Series," said Elysa Walk, General Manager of Giant USA. "We launched the Liv/giant brand only last summer, and the response from women cyclists has been overwhelmingly positive. More female athletes will discover the fit, form, and function of Liv/giant bikes and gear at Danskin events." She added, "The Liv/giant mission fits perfectly with 'the Danskin' - we're both all about women leading happier, healthier, more adventurous lives."

As part of the Series' continuing effort to make this experience available to the broadest portion of the gender, it will offer seven official entry categories - Age Groups (separated by five-year increments), Mixed Age Group (so women can do the race with family and friends), Athena (150lbs +), Women in Uniform (military or government), Physically Challenged, Elite and Relay Teams (2 or 3 women; sharing the 3 legs of the Race). Participants aged 14-21(14221), can take advantage of a reduced entry fee of $60 at each Race.

The Xxtra Mile is proud to continue its partnerships with both The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and The National Association of Team Survivor (NATS). BCRF was founded in 1992 by the Lauder family has raised over $270 million to support the most advanced and promising breast cancer research that will help lead to prevention and a cure in our lifetime. NATS is a non-profit organization that provides women who have a present or past diagnosis of cancer with free group exercise, health education classes and support programs. One hundred percent of money raised through the Participant Pledge Program goes directly to these organizations.

The Xxtra Mile will again partner with a local women's shelter and local food bank in each race market. Race participants will be encouraged to donate personal care products, clothing, food and other miscellaneous items that will be collected and donated to the organizations.

For more information about the Xxtra Mile, the Danskin Triathlon Series or our other Events, visit www.xxtramile.com, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Xxtra Mile LLC
The Xxtra Mile LLC is a women's and girls' active lifestyle company based in New York City. Its properties currently include the Danskin Triathlon Series, Team Future™, a mentoring and training program for women and girls, and BRAIDS™, a think tank for women's and girls' active lifestyle initiatives. Danskin is a trademark of Studio IP Holdings LLC. Xxtra Mile™, Team Future™ and BRAIDS™ are trademarks of the Xxtra Mile. The Xxtra Mile is a women-owned business.