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Tri-Umph: Where Mud Run Meets Off-Road Triathlon

tri-umph triathlonSwim. Bike. Run. These three words have taken on new meaning as people across the country are taking up the call to be fit for life by becoming a triathlete.

There aren't many things out there that can compare to the exhilaration you feel the first time you race. But what happens once you have accomplished your first or even your tenth triathlon. After awhile the rhythm of the race starts to seem mundane and the only thing that challenges you is forgoing the towel dry so you can shave a few seconds of you transition time.

To all those people out there who think that participating in triathlons becomes boring after awhile and that most running races place too much emphasis on individual times, do not despair. Dave Ballard, CEO of Round House Racing has an alternative and it's called: Tri-Umph.

2012 Tri-Umph Adventure Triathlon Locations

When: September 1, 2012
Where: Vail Lake Resort, CA

When: September 22, 2012
Where: Portland, OR

When: October 13, 2012
Where: Reveille Peak Ranch, TX

Website: www.triumphrace.com

Tri-Umph was born out of the idea that traditional triathlons need to be shaken up. Tri-Umph is the first of its kind to combine the challenge of the off-road triathlon and the excitement of a mud run. The entire race is laced with obstacles that you might see at a mud run... except Tri-Umph has obstacles in the swimming and biking portions as well. Tri-Umph is a sprint distance (750me swim, 20km mountain bike ride, 5km run) triathlon where each leg will test and thrill you. So whether you're a triathlon pro or just a mud run freak we guarantee you've never seen anything like this before.


Triathlon Redefined starts off with swimming where athletes quickly find obstacles like a floating balancing log or an inflatable mountain they have to climb. There are obstacles that provide a resting spot for those that need it like the lily pad leap and others where they have to swim over and under pipes.

The race then transitions to the biking portion where participants find themselves mountain biking on dirt trails through a myriad of obstacles. It then concludes with the running portion of the race. However, the mud-run style 5km offers unique and fun obstacles that haven't been seen anywhere else. When participants pass the finished line exhausted they know what it means to Tri-Umph.

Ballard tells that the idea for an off-road triathlon came to him while he was running a race that overlooked a beautiful mountain lake setting thinking how a triathlon should be held there. He knew that a lot of people avoided triathlons because of the swimming portion.

"I thought what if you could put rest areas along the way or somehow break up the monotony of the swim," said Ballard. "Then it hit me we need to have water obstacles. Obstacles will allow people to have a rest from the swim and provide a fun challenge to everyone. If people are having fun swimming or running for that matter than why wouldn't people do that race."

The format of this one-of-a-kind race is designed to get more people involved in triathlons by making the swim portion more fun. The obstacles, such as the floating lily pads, have more appeal to those who are hesitant to swim for an uninterrupted amount of time.

The minimum age to compete in the race is 16 years. The inaugural race of the Triumph series will be held September 1, 2012 in Vail Lake, California.

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