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Northern Ireland Decaman to Help Fight Cancer

Northern Ireland DecamanTri Limits, a triathlon team that organizes events within Northern Ireland and the Ulster Cancer Foundation bring you Ireland's toughest triathlon - the Northern Ireland Decaman / Iron Distance Challenge. A special triathlon challenge event that will help raise money for the charity's men's health campaign. The multi-day runs from July 6th-15th, 2012 at Eskragh Lough in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

Cancer has a major impact on the health of men in Northern Ireland. Each year almost 6,000 men are diagnosed with some form of the disease - that's a shocking 22 men every working day. Around 2,000 lose their lives to cancer each year.

Tri Limits and the Ulster Cancer Foundation are encouraging men and women to be part of the Northern Ireland Decaman which involves a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike followed by a 26.2 marathon, each day for 10 days! There is even an option to enter and only do an Iron Distance, which is purely 1 day of the Decaman!

There is a challenge for everyone whatever your ability so why not give it a go! Participants can choose one of the following options:

  • Decaman: Enter the Overall Northern Ireland Decaman - £20 deposit, minimum sponsorship £500
  • Decaman Relay Team: A relay team of 3 people in the Northern Ireland Decaman - £20 deposit per team, minimum sponsorship £500 per team
  • Iron Distance Challenge: Join in, on a day of your choice - £20 deposit, minimum sponsorship £200.
  • Iron Distance Challenge Relay Team: Join in, on a day of your choice, with a relay team of 3 people - £20 deposit per team, minimum sponsorship £200 per team.
  • Swim / Bike / Run: Register to Swim, Bike or Run some of the Iron Distance on a day of your choice: £10 deposit, minimum sponsorship £40.

Online registration available at: www.ulstercancer.org/ps/event/NIDECAMAN1

The deposit and all sponsorship raised goes directly to the Ulster Cancer Foundation and will be used to help cancer patients and their families across Northern Ireland. It will be used to fund services including support groups, counselling, health checks and advice, education programmes, smoking cessation clinics, Male Quick Fit sessions, as well as art and creative writing therapy.

The Ulster Cancer Foundation's community fundraising team will be happy to advise and assist you in your fundraising efforts.

For registration forms, further information or fundraising support please contact Paul O'Gara at the Ulster Cancer Foundation, Tel. 07585956807 or Email: paulogara@ulstercancer.org

The Ulster Cancer Foundation
The Ulster Cancer Foundation is a local charity which has been providing services in communities across Northern Ireland for more than 40 years.

Our main aim is to reduce the impact of cancer within Northern Ireland and to help us achieve this aim we are committed to funding research into the disease, providing services for cancer patients and their families and educating people on how they can reduce their risk of cancer.

The Ulster Cancer Foundation supports all sections of the community - male, female, young and old. All money raised on our behalf is spent in Northern Ireland, helping to support patients and their families.

Sponsorship & Fundraising
Your participation in the Northern Ireland Decaman/Iron distance challenge will help us reach our objectives as you reach yours! We would be very grateful if you could do your very best to raise as much sponsorship as you can.

Don't forget to encourage all your sponsors to fill in your sponsorship card in full and tick the gift aid box where appropriate. For each gift aided pound that you raise, UCF can claim back an extra 25p, as long as each donors name, address and postcode has been provided on the card. You can also request fundraising materials to help you to reach your target, such as banners, buckets, t-shirts, blank posters, balloons and leaflets. Our Fundraising team are very willing to help and assist with fundraising, contact Paul O'Gara 07585956807 or E: paulogara@ulstercancer.org.

You can now also raise funds online at www.justgiving.com. This website enables you to create your own personal web page where your sponsors can donate using their credit or debit card - so no more running around with paper sponsorship cards, or chasing cheques and cash after your event! Simply visit www.justgiving.com/ucf/raisemoney to create your own page.

If you are prepared to 'appear' in your local paper, or in your company magazine, we would be delighted as this will help encourage others to take part. A sample press release can be made available so please do not hesitate to contact me on 07585056807

Ulster Cancer Foundation - www.ulstercancer.org
Tri Limits - trilimits.wordpress.com