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Michigan Set to Host New Mi Titanium Triathlon Event

mi titaniumOrganizers of the Grand Rapids Triathlon saw an opportunity based on the success of their event to offer triathlete in Michigan and from across the US a chance to go long. Thus the new Mi Titanium triathlon event was born, a event that will feature full Iron Distance triathlon race as well as a 3/4 Iron Tri. The event will be held at Versluis Park in Plainfield Township in Grand Rapids, MI on August 26, 2012.

Triathlon: Mi Titanium Triathlon
When: August 26, 2012
Where: Versluis Park, Grand Rapids, MI
Events: Iron, 3/4 Iron, AquaBike
Website: www.mititanium.com

Organizers have changed the 3/4 Iron Tri to a Half Iron Race. Also, the HITS Triathlon Series race in Traverse City was canceled.
The independent iron distance event will feature the 140.6 mile distance which consists of a 2.4mi Swim, 112mi Bike and a 26.2mi Run. They are also offering triathletes an opportunity to do 3/4 of the miles with their 3/4 Tri, a 1.2mi Swim, 85mi Bike and a 18.8mi Run. Also available will be a Full and 3/4 AquaBike events. A relay option will be available for those wanting to tackle the iron distance event.

Proceeds from the event will fund the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. The YMCA Strong Kids is a fundraising campaign focused on giving community members the chance to live a healthy, productive life.

The main venue for the Mi Titanium is Versluis Park. A 1.2mi swim loop will be setup in Versluis Lake, a very clean and clear lake that does not allow the use of gas powered motors. The iron distance full will be a double loop swim while the 3/4 Tri will do just one. Athletes will then leave the park and do a double lollipop loop for the iron distance race, heading towards Belding on a scenic countryside course. Iron distance athletes will do 112 miles while the 3/4 Tri athletes will do 85 miles on the bike course. Athletes return to T2 in Versluis Park and then head south for a double loop run that will feature a rolling terrain for athletes to conquer. The 3/4 Tri will be 18.8 miles while the Full will be 26.2 miles.

Organizers will be offering a variety of Free and Fee basic clinics for athletes in the area. Check the event website for details.

Registration is currently open for the USAT Sanctioned 2012 Mi Titanium Triathlon event in August:

  • • Full: $345 / Relay $445
  • • 3/4 Iron: $185
  • • Full AquaBike: $245
  • • 3/4 AquaBike: $145

Visit the event website for details or register here.

This is the second new Iron Distance triathlon in the state of Michigan in 2012 and only one of four in the Midwest. Last year it was announced that Michigan would also be host to an Iron Distance triathlon in Traverse City via the HITS Triathlon Series.
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