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TriEssential Upgrades Triathlon iPhone App

triessential iphone appTriessential.com, an online source for reviews of innovative triathlon-related products and services, officially launched version 1.2 of their popular TriEssential iPhone App today.

The new upgrade expands the functionality of the iPhone app to include access to live information from some of the best sources triathlon sources in the industry including our news feed (TRIJUICE), Endurance Sportswire, QT2 Systems, and The Core Diet for news, tips, gear reviews, coaching, and nutritional advice. The triathlon app also now includes three useful tools that every triathlete can use - a pace calculator, a race packing checklist, and a PR record keeper. The best news is that for the next 30 days, TriEssential will offer the iPhone app for FREE.

The original TriEssential iPhone app offers instant inspiration via daily triathlon training tips, motivating quotes and stunning photos. Use it as a boost to get you out the door--and as an emotional spark to keep you in the game for each of the next 365 days.

Triessential added some of the most commonly requested tools to help plan, prepare for, and successfully complete "A" races next year:

  • • The calculator will help you determines what performance is required on each leg to finish in your goal time.
  • • The checklist will help you make certain you never leave the much-needed spare CO2 cartridge at home.
  • • The record keeper will keep your PRs only three clicks away from your fingertips all day long

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If you are looking for an emotional spark to keep you in the triathlon game for each of the next 365 days, then check this triathlon iPhone app out today. Triessential is available for download from iTunes (link).

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