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Specialized Introduces New, Triathlon Specific Shiv

specialized shiv 2012In recent years Specialized has set the tri world on fire. Never before has one team so utterly dominated the sport, with World titles in Ironman, Olympic, Sprint, and XTERRA distances.

We're upping the ante again: Introducing our all-new, triathlon-specific Specialized Shiv. This stealthy speed machine is absolutely not UCI-legal, because it's specically designed for the needs of triathletes: It's more aero than the UCI allows; the fit range is greater than previously possible; and our patented Fuelselage integrated hydration system is a straight-up game changer.

Three words separate Shiv from the rest of the industry: Aero, Fuel, Fit. It all starts with its FACT IS carbon frame. We studied airow in each area of the frame, specifically crosswinds since that's what triathletes usually experience on the road. Then we optimized tubing and frame design for each specic airow pattern, rather than relying on uniform airfoils throughout. Since we weren't restricted by UCI rules, we were free to use ultra-deep airfoil tubing with aspect ratios of up to 4:1 and beyond-faster than the 3:1 UCI standard.

Deeper tubing is only part of the story though. Since traditional water bottle setups are a major drag on aerodynamics, we engineered our Fuelselage reservoir to hide neatly inside the massive down/head tubes. The benets are twofold: It means much safer and more convenient fueling while you're in the aero bars. Plus through extensive wind tunnel testing, we've proven it's the most aerodynamic bike we've ever made--and more aero than any other bike on the market with a bottle.

specialized shiv tri bikeWe've also been able to dramatically improve the fit options for a wide array of riders. The bike is available in ve frame sizes, and features our proprietary Specialized Aero Bars, Control Tower fit system, and flippable airfoil seatposts for a huge range of stack and reach adjustment.

Rather than making just one UCI-legal time trial bike, that also happens to work for triathlon--like the rest of the industry--we stepped outside the UCI box to create a bike exclusively for triathletes. Without these innovation-limiting restrictions, we've rewritten the rulebook on what a tri bike should be. The new Shiv is a testament to our unparalleled commitment to the sport and its athletes.

The S-Works version is available as a complete bike with Shimano's Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting and as a frameset module in red and carbon black. The module includes their cranks, aerobar and stem, brakes and seatpost. The S-Works models get their highest end FACT IS 11R carbon fibers, all other carbon Shivs use 10R.

specialized shiv fuelselageFuelselage™ integrated hydration system: traditional tube-mounted water bottle setups are a major drag on aerodynamics. To avoid this, and to provide the safest, most ergonomic hydration system possible, we designed the fuelselage™ integrated hydration system to fit neatly inside shiv's massive down tube. Testing proves the system has absolutely no effect on the frame's outstanding aerodynamics.

A removable hydration reservoir (approximate capacity of one water bottle--exact size is frame-specific) fits easily through a port on the top tube, and stows inside the down tube. Riders can refill the reservoir directly through the port without need for removal, even on the fly; and the bite valve can be mounted anywhere on the bars, with a movable magnetic mount. Plus, the whole system can be removed for easy cleaning.

To learn move visit: www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/Shiv.jsp