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Mike Reilly - "You Are an Ironman Hall of Famer"

mikereillyvoi.jpgThe "Voice of Ironman" Mike Reilly, the voice thousands of triathletes have heard when crossing the finish line with "You are and Ironman", was inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame. The surprise recognition took place at last week's 2011 Ironman World Championship awards ceremony in Kahului-Kona, Hawaii.

"Mike is truly an icon in the world of Ironman racing," said Ben Fertic, president of World Triathlon Corporation. "His big booming voice, boundless energy and passion help make the Ironman experience so special for all the competitors, and we proudly recognize him as a member of the Ironman Hall of Fame."

Reilly is the energetic voice heard when triathletes cross the finish line after a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26 mile run. He coined the famous catch-phrase, "You are an Ironman," that motivates triathletes to push through the grueling race. Since 1989, he has been an integral part of the Ironman World Championship held in Kona each year. Last March he announced his 100th Ironman event in New Zealand.

mikereillyhof.jpg"It is a great honor to be named to the Ironman Hall of Fame," said Mike Reilly, vice president of sales, endurance at Active Network and the "Voice of Ironman". "Watching triathletes cross the finish line at an Ironman race is truly inspirational. It's been amazing to play a role in growing the sport of triathlon and supporting my company's mission to encourage people to get active."

This was Reilly's 23rd Ironman commentating gig at the Ironman World Championship race in Kona. It started when he was asked if he would come over an assist Mike Plant in commentating in Hawaii back in 1989, a year he was contemplating on doing the race himself. In his career he has worked all of the races in North America, including others in Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about Mike Reilly you can visit www.voiceofironman.com and watch a five part interview he has posted on the site.