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Massachusetts Loses Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon

GloucesterFishermanTri.jpgTriathletes in the Northeast will lose a popular triathlon event on Cape Ann in Essex County. The Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon, a fundraising event for the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association, has been canceled.

The Sprint Distance triathlon event, which was limited to 800 athletes due to the race venue, made money in it's initial years but struggled to make anything close to those numbers this year. Higher costs and less participants all seem to have attributed to the demise of the popular event which drew praise from those that had participated in the early August event.

"The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association has decided not to host the annual Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon in 2012, as we've done since its creation in 2009. The triathlon takes a huge amount of time and resources to organize and run, so the GFAA plans instead to focus on other efforts that better support our fundraising goals. We are immensely grateful to all who participated in the Gloucester Tri and helped make it possible the last three years. The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association remains more committed than ever to helping all of Gloucester's children participate in the sport of their choice, regardless of financial circumstances." - Janda Ricci-Munn, founder/race coordinator, Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon