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Starykowicz, Tisseyre Win Inaugural Rev3 SC Triathlon


Anderson, SC nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains was the setting for the new Revolution3 South Carolina Triathlon which saw a lot of action all weekend. The Rev3 event featured several events, including $50,000 prize purse HalfRev triathlon for the professionals that drew nearly 50 pros to the start line on Sunday including Revolution3 Series Points Leaders Andrew Starykowicz and Kate Major.

Starykowicz, who a month ago got one of the biggest wins in his career at the Rev3 Cedar Point race, notches another win in the Rev3 Triathlon Series by winning the HalfRev race in Anderson. In doing so he also wins the $15,000 bonus for winning the REV3 Series Champion title. A $22,000 pay day if you include the $7,000 first place prize. He's on cloud nine after getting two major wins, in a full and a half and winning the series title.

On the women's side Tisseyre, who only raced in one of the Rev3 Triathlon Series races so far this year, decided to check out the new race in Anderson after a disappointing DNF in Las Vegas a month ago. The late entry for Tisseyre pays off, as she surges past Tenille Hoogland in the very late stages of the run for a 17 second victory in South Carolina over Hoogland. She said she learned something today with the victory that will help her in future races.

2011 Revolution3 South Carolina HalfRev Triathlon Results:
Anderson, South Carolina

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Andrew Starykowicz 3:54:46
Magali Tisseyre 4:24:23
Rich Allen 3:56:40
Tenille Hoogland 4:24:40
Callum Millward 3:57:44
Meredith Kessler 4:26:02
Tim Berkel 3:57:53
Malaika Homo 4:26:28
Maxim Kriat 3:58:42
Lauren Goss 4:30:39
Stanislav Krylov 3:58:50
Kate Major 4:36:39
Chris Mcdonald 4:00:05
Courtenay Brown 4:42:18
Richie Cunningham 4:02:22
Tamara Kozulina 4:43:57
Jordan Jones 4:03:04
Marilyn McDonald 4:47:30
David Thompson 4:04:15
Stephanie Jones 4:47:49

Andrew Starykowicz Finish Line Interview

Meredith Kessler was having a good day out on the course, at one point leading the women's race but she lost her seat somewhere on the last half of the bike course. She managed to make it back to T2 and finishes the day in third place.

Kate Major, the women's Revolution3 Series Points leader finishes the day in fifth place, two places behind Malaika Homo who was right on her tail in the points series. Homo, who won the Rev3 Cedar Point race made up ground on Major in the points series, but today it wasn't enough. Major wins the women's $15,000 bonus for winning the Revolution3 Series Points.

Magali Tisseyre Finish Line Interview


Men's Race Re-cap
On the men's side- Brian Fleischmann lead a group of five out of the swim including Andrew Starkowitz, Richie Cunningham, Stephen Hackett, and Stanislav Krylov (aka Stas). Just as quick as these pros exited the water- they were off on the bike- and onto the course. Starkowitz was off the front and wasn't looking back- this race was on! Two groups of riders formed over the 56 mile bike course - chasing in hot pursuit. But by the end of the bike, Starkowitz had a massive lead on the men's field- nearly five minutes. Onto the run-Starkowitz remained composed and focused. The first chase group of men off the bike quickly split up. Rich Allen surged ahead of Stas, Callum Millward, and David Thompson- he was holding steady at second place. The second chase group included Chris McDonald, Maxim Kriat, Tim Berkel, Jordan Jones, Fleischmann, and Cunningham. It took the entire 13.1 miles to figure out our top 9 men- the man that lead off the bike by 5 minutes was never going be caught and never looked over his shoulder.

Women's Race Re-cap
On the women's side- Meredith Kessler was having "her day" on the Rev3 South Carolina course. Jazzy Jasmine Oenick lead out of the swim followed closely by Kessler, Clemson grad and ITU gal, Lauren Goss, Tenille Hoogland, Malaika Homo, and Nina Kraft. Shooting out on the bike- Kessler quickly took the lead and was smiling as she past through the mile 20 mark. Oenick was staggered behind 10 seconds, followed by Hoogland and then the fiesty Magali Tisseyre, Homo, and Goss. Little did anyone know what Kessler was in for within 10miles...around mile 35, she lost her saddle and had to ride the remainder of the ride standing. What a fighter- she never gave up.

By the time T2 came, Hoogland was leading the ladies followed by Oenick, Homo, Tisseyre, and Kessler. These girls were all close to each other and with similar run times- it promised a battle. Hoogland lead most of the 13.1 mile run while Tisseyre, Homo, and Kessler duked it out for 2, 3, 4th position. It was until the girls were on their way home to the finishline that Tisseyre made her move. At mile 12.5 she and Hoogland were neck and neck.

This was the final event in the 2011 Revolution3 Triathlon Series schedule, which started in Costa Rica in February and ends here in Anderson, South Carolina. The weekend event featured the signature HalfRev race, an OlympicRev for Age Groupers and OlympicRev Collegiate Races as well as a race for the kids.

2011 Rev3 South Carolina Triathlon Results
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