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TWL! : NUUN Lemon Tea Electrolyte Sports Drink Tabs

twl logoHere is another product we have unsolicitedly been looking at this summer that fits perfectly in our TWL! series of posts. Here is some quick feedback on the new NUUN Lemon Tea Electrolyte Sports Drink Tabs.

I'm not sure about you, but after a while I got sick and tired of the acidic Orange and Lemon-Lime sports drink flavors offered at races or available for training. Several years ago it was plain and simple, I wasn't a real fan of making my own sports drink from a powder because of taste and the fact that I had to make sure I measured the ingredients properly. That changed when a manufacture came out with a new flavor that didn't seem like it was going to be acidic at all. The flavor was Sun Tea and of course it came in powder form. I was hooked on the new flavor after a few tries for my training and racing electrolyte drink, what a relief, no more Orange or Lemon-Lime.

Fast forward a year or two... Marketing at this company didn't seem to give this product any love, thus probably the reason why they stopped making it. Since then I have struggled to find a pre-made drink or powder to support my nutritional racing and training requirements.

nuunlemonteatabs.jpgFast forward another year to 2011 when NUUN introduced new Electrolyte Sports Drink Tabs flavors. One of them caught my eye, the new Lemon Tea flavor tablets. Could it be, did I find a new replacement for my Sun Tea mix? I was aware of NUUN but never really tried out their products besides testing them at race expos.

A couple of months ago my friend told me one of our local triathlon stores was carrying the new NUUN Lemon Tea flavor. I got my hand on some and tried it out on some bike rides, YUM! It was like finding gold. This time no powders, just tablets for my electrolyte drink mix. It's not as tricky as powder but it does require some precision when making your drink. You really need to follow the mix instructions, because too much water and not enough tabs will barely flavor your water. Note, if you use to much of the tablets, say 2 full tablets instead of 1 1/2 for the amount of water, your drink will taste like crap, been there, done that, so don't do it!

Yes, it's not the exact same product, but it's a base for my drinks now. What's cool about this product is the light (just like iced tea), non-acidic taste. It tastes great cold or even warm. There's no powder or measuring scoops to deal with, and it is really easy to transport around. Unlike the other product, this one has caffeine which is a plus. The one strange thing I'm not totally used to is the pressure build up from the lightly carbonated tablets. I always have to remember to open the spout to let the drink breathe, if not it's a little bit of a mess. If you are sick and tired of the same old acidic flavors, you should try this out, you might be surprised. This is one product I'll continue to use and test at races.

Just so you know, I sometimes mix the NUUN Lemon Tea drink with Carbo-Pro and the taste is unaffected.

To learn more about NUUN Electrolyte Spots Drink Tabs visit: www.nuun.com/what_is_nuun/products/
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