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TWL! : Skin Strong SLATHER

twl logoThis is the first post in our new TWL! series of post here on TRIJUICE. TWL! = Thing We Like! It comes from wanting to share the news with you, our readers, about something we are trying out, that we like, would recommend looking at and will continue to test out. What it won't be is an in-depth review of a product.

I recently had the chance to meet the great folks behind Skin Strong at the Ironman 70.3 Boulder race expo. They were showing of their two products, SLIK and SLATHER. Up to this point I was aware of their products but never had seen them up-close or tried them. The prevention of any form of chafing is key to a comfortable and enjoyable race.

I was in Boulder as a spectator for various friends from Minnesota out racing. How does this relate if I wasn't racing / wearing bike shorts, just keep on reading...

skin strong SlatherI knew it was going to be a hot day waiting around and cheering, so I wanted to be comfortable and cool at the same time. Days before the race I had bought some cool new underwear for optimal ventilation and breathability. At 4:15 AM, they felt fine going on from what I remember. The day started off nice and cool but soon warmed up, eventually hitting the mid 90's during the race. I did the one thing that I normally wouldn't do as an athlete; test something new out on race day. Once the race was on, I was all over the race venue, walking, running, biking, sitting while sweating my you know what off wearing my new, un-tested underwear. Let's just say that looks and marketing can be deceiving (underwear manufacture), because they didn't mention anything about the flat seems not being smooth enough or causing chafing while being active in hot conditions. The combined heat, sweat and friction from the seams with the skin contact was not a good mix on my 9 hour day. You know you have something when the water bites as it comes in contact with your affected skin. OUCH!

SLATHER: Prevention of chafing, friction, and hot spots in an ultra-rich formula. Slather was created for the special needs of cyclists to prevent chafing and tearing in the sensitive saddle area (chamois cream). The subtle cooling effect makes long rides more comfortable. Soothe tired skin after a hard work out.

We had dinner plans with some friends to celebrate, which meant some walking was going to occur. I remember reading something on SLATHER about using it after your workout on your skin. I though about testing it out. When I first opened the canister, it looked liked vanilla frosting. It had a very mild fragrance, kind of minty. The texture was smooth and goopy, unlike another product I use. I have done several Ironman races, so I know a little bit about chafing and how long it can last. So what the heck, I tried SLATHER out on my post Ironman 70.3 Boulder cheering related chafing, WOW! It wasn't too greasy and it had a mild soothing effect when applied. All I can say it that I was amazed, because in less than an hour the discomfort was gone. The next day I had no problem at all; I just applied a little bit just in case, for our 15 hour drive home. I have never have had something work that fast or have the same product do two things. I Love it, it worked great! I will continue to test this out for the prevention and post recovery of chafing related issues...

To learn more about SLATHER from Skin Strong visit: www.skinstrong.com