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New Cytomax Sports Performance Stick Packs

Cytomax-Stick-Pack.jpgAfter unveiling its newly-reformulated Cytomax® Sports Performance Drink in April, CytoSport, Inc., (www.cytosport.com) began shipping its new Stick Packs to retailers and distributors nationwide. Available in 24ct. self-merchandising boxes, the Stick Packs allow retailers the option of selling individual sticks or by the box. SRP is $20.95. Available in Cool Citrus, Pomegranate Berry, Tangy Orange and Tropical Fruit, each stick contains 25 grams, which is equivalent to one scoop of powder. The recyclable foil wrapper is sweat proof and is easily stored in a jersey pocket during training or racing.

"The Stick Packs offer the portability that endurance athletes require, meeting their training, racing and traveling needs," said Greg Sellers, Cytomax brand manager. "Using freezer bags is cumbersome, inconvenient and now, an unnecessary transport mechanism."

The updated Cytomax formulation features stevia, an all-natural sweetener, and has been well received by athletes across the endurance sports spectrum. While the sweetener has changed, the foundation of Cytomax continues to rest firmly on its Advanced Carbohydrate System (ACS), featuring alpha-L-Polylactate™. Alpha-L-Polylactate is a proprietary ingredient that provides superior fuel to working muscles while lowering acid buildup. Maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, dextrose and alpha-L-Polylactate comprise an unrivaled carbohydrate blend that delivers multiple pathways of absorption for vital electrolytes and carbohydrates from the stomach into the gut.

Cytomax - developed in 1988 - was among the first commercially available powdered sports drinks designed for the specialty class of trade. Largely regarded as the benchmark of true performance beverages, Cytomax has an extensive history of supporting elite and amateur athletes from a variety of endurance sports. Current partnerships include UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling, Trek-Livestrong U23 Cycling, Yahoo! Pro Cycling, Cytomax-KHS, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, Chrissie Wellington (triathlete), Matty Reed (triathlete) and Ryan Hall (runner).

Cytomax is available in six flavors in both 1.5lb and 4.5lb tubs: Cool Citrus, Fresh Apple, Go Grape, Pomegranate Berry, Tangy Orange and Tropical Fruit. Cytomax is available at independent bicycle dealers, GNC, Performance Bike, REI, Roadrunner Sports, Sport Chalet, Sports Basement, The Vitamin Shoppe and other fine specialty retailers.

About CytoSport, Inc.
Founded in 1998, CytoSport, Inc. is a global industry leader in the sports nutrition category and offers a complete line of protein-enhanced powders, beverages, and bars. CytoSport distributes a portfolio of premium brands including Cytomax®, Muscle Milk® and Monster Milk™ that appeal to a variety of consumer lifestyles. CytoSport products are produced in their wholly owned, NSF GMP Certified for Sport® manufacturing facility. For more information on CytoSport and their family of products, visit www.cytosport.com.