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Reed, Haskins Three-Peat at Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon

Sarah HaskinsSarah Haskins and Matty Reed three-peat as winners of the Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon. Haskins edges out Reed in Equalizer race for $5,000 bonus.

Grey skies along with rain were headed into Minneapolis before the start of the Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon. Somehow miles before the race site Mother Nature decided to spare the 10th Anniversary festivities with a dousing and only provide sprinkles, which was a great relief to the Pros and Amateur athletes racing.

For the first time in many years, it was the women professionals that took center stage at 7:00 AM at the 2011 Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon. The women started off the race with a 10:43 lead on the men, which was part of the Equalizer format.

Sara McLarty and Sarah Haskins showed off the swimming skills over the other women exiting the water first with McLarty winning the swim premiums. Haskins took control on the familiar bike course and built up a minute lead and more on McLarty and Alicia Kaye at around mile 15. Haskins extended her lead on the second half of the bike course, coming into T2 with at least a two minute lead ahead of Kaye and McLarty. Heading out on the run, Haskins was concerned about staying ahead of the women, but more so of the men who were narrowed down the Equalizer lead. Again on the familiar run course, she did what she can do run. She continued to extended her lead on the 10km run and bring home a sub 2 hour victory. As she headed down the final stretch, she turns back to see if any male was on her tail, but the road was clear, she turns back to the finish line and crosses the line with a big smile and her third consecutive Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon win. She finishes the day with a 1:59:57, a three minute lead on Kaye who took second and Rebeccah Wassner who took third.

2011 Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon Results:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Matt Reed 1:50:09
Sarah Haskins 1:59:57
Andy Potts 1:50:22
Alicia Kaye 2:03:23
Greg Bennett 1:50:52
Rebeccah Wassner 2:04:31
Filip Ospaly 1:51:26
Lindsey Jerdonek 2:06:37
Cameron Dye 1:53:13
Becky Lavelle 2:07:25

Matt ReedThe men patiently waited for the start of their day and their race, leaving 10 minutes and 43 seconds after the pro women started. Andy Potts and Cameron Dye were the first two men out of the water with Potts edging out Dye for the swim premium. At this point, the top two men cut the women's Equalizer lead down by at least a minute. A pack of four men lead by Filip Ospalay was the next group into T1, which included Matty Reed. At the half way point on the bike, Dye was in the lead, ahead Reed, Potts and Bennett who were in hot pursuit down Minnehaha Parkway. At this point Dye had shaved four minutes on the women's Equalizer lead. Heading towards T2 it still was Dye ahead of the rest of the men, Reed and local pro David Thompson who again had a superb bike on the hometown course. He finishes the day with the fastest bike split and the bike premium. It's two was traffic on the final stretch into T2 and an amateur athlete going out onto the bike course goes a bit wide and caused a bike crash with a charging Dye. The incident gave Reed a break on Dye's lead into T2. Just before T2 Dye had shaved another 2 two minutes on the women's Equalize lead, closing the gap to just under four minutes. Reed, the two-time winner exited T2 in hot pursuit of another win and Haskins. Even though his asthma was acting up before the race, he manages to stay ahead of an angry Dye and Thompson on the first loop and a charging Potts and Bennett on the final loop on his way to this third consecutive Life Time Minneapolis Triathlon win. A tired Potts finishes right behind Reed, Bennett rounds out the top three. Reed finished just shy of Haskins' time giving Haskins the Equalizer win victory and the bonus.

This was the fourth event in the 2011 Lifetime Fitness Race to the Toyota Cup series. The race featured a total Professional prize purse of $50,000 with premiums for the fastest swim, bike and run in each event. A $5,000 bonus was up for grabs on the Equalizer event.

bob powersIt was a perfect day for racing on the age group side as the cloud cover provided some help from the power of the sun, which usually makes this a hot, hot day. Athletes had a chance to race an Olympic or Sprint distance triathlon. The race brought out many first timers, over 600 triathletes trying out the sport of triathlon for the first time. The race, a local favorite also brought out the Mayor of Minneapolis who's R.T. Rybak and our favorite elder sportsman Bob Powers who at the age of 87 continues to amaze people out on the course conquering age and triathlon one day at a time.

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