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GOAT Gear Introduces Aquaspotter, New Swim Safety Product

aquaspotterOpen water swim training for a triathlon can be tricky if you are on a body of water with boat traffic even if you have someone with you in a boat, kayak or canoe tagging along or you have to go solo for your training swim. You would rather focus on your stroke, breathing or sighting than making sure you are visible to people around you in the water. Now there is a new product from GOAT Gear that will give you added visibility while you're out training in the open water for your triathlon.

Visibility doesn't have to be a drag. The new Aquaspotter by GOAT Gear is a revolutionary patent pending product that provides unparalleled visibility for triathletes, open water swimmers and snorkelers alike. Unlike other products serving similar purposes, the Aquaspotter adds virtually zero drag to the swimmer and no tether dragging behind you to tangle in your kick. A brightly colored flag sits atop an 18" lightweight pole which is attached to a comfortable neoprene belt which allows boaters, jet skis and other surface watercraft to see you easily. In addition you will instantly become more visible to snorkeling guides, lifeguards and other observers on shore.

The Aquaspotter allows triathletes, snorkelers and open water swimmers to Get Out and Train and not have to worry about being invisible to recreational watercraft and people on shore. It's not bulky, so you can easily bring it with you for your swim and store it afterwards. The flag pole is detachable for easy transport and storage.

aquaspotter swim safety productOne of the side benefits the new swim safety training Aquaspotter device offers is the ability for coaches, trainers, and instructors to visualize swimmer's hip rotation, thus potentially improving the swimmers efficiency and speed.

Aquaspotter Includes:
 - Large 8x6 inch bright orange flag for increased visibility
 - Highly water resistant pocket
 - Comfortable neoprene stretch belt to prevent chafing
 - Weather proof and hand-washable material
 - Secure buckle
 - 2 slide adjusters to ensure a snug fit
 - Sized 27" to 40"
 - Removable lightweight flagpole

GOAT Gear, LLC was born when Scott Greenstone spent a year training for the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. During his long hours of swimming, biking and running, he found himself wishing for training products that just didn't exist...yet. Early inspiration nearly struck Scott in the form of a boat during one of his training swims in the Gulf of Mexico. As a lone swimmer in a large body of water, he realized he needed a way to be more visible to the motorized craft that share those waters. Research ensued and development began on the flagship product: the GOAT Gear AquaSpotter for open water swim training. The unique name for this company is short for Get Out and Train Gear.

You can find more information on the new AquaSpotter and stay up-to-date on some future products at www.getgoatgear.com