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Mobile Wind Tunnel Testing for your Triathlon Bike via Aerofit

aerofit wind tunnelWant to try a wind tunnel but your surname isn't Lieto, McCormack or Armstrong?

Soon you will be able to do what the big guns can afford at a race near you. The guys at Aerofit recently debuted their mobile wind tunnel truck at the Ironman 70.3 Eagleman triathlon in Maryland. Giving amateur triathletes an opportunity to check out their services and get performance fits and frontal profile adjustments in a wind tunnel. Aerofit is a mobile wind tunnel that offers triathletes and cyclists and affordable and convenient way to find their optimal position on the bike.

The trailer has an open end at the front and a wall of fans at the back. Inside is smooth except for the bike mount. There is a flat screen TV flush with the floor in front of the rider to give feedback.

Using sophisticated resistance engineering under the floor attached to the bike supports, the computer senses minute changes in drag. Additionally, it can be used to sense bike fit by tagging key points on the body and generating a computer image.

Soon budding Chris Lieto's will be able to select from different sessions at race Expo's and get their results analyzed and posted to the website.

According to the brains behind the engineering at Aerofit, one thing is to test equipment, but most riders would benefit from a more optimal position. Even small things like your elbow sticking out to far can have an impact.

aerofit mobile truck

During a session, the rider sees the real-time feedback on the floor monitor by moving different body parts. The guys will call in instructions to optimize resistance and reduce drag.

Aerofit's services include the following:
 - Full Service Professional Fit ($750) which takes 90-180 minutes depending on the bike and the rider's ability with 40 minutes dedicated strictly to the wind tunnel.
 - Frontal Profile Fit ($250) allows athletes to get in the wind tunnel and make adjustments to their frontal profile position with their existing bike setup. The process takes 30-45 minutes with 20 minutes in the wind tunnel.
 - Gear Check Fit ($200) which allows the athtlete to see what gear works best for them. The process takes 20-30 minutes with 15 minutes in the wind tunnel.

Aerofit has partnered with Ironman and will be at the expo of four upcoming Ironman events in 2011. Check the website future event locations: www.aerofitmobile.com
 - Ironman Lake Placid: July 24th 2011
 - Ironman Louisville: August 28th 2011
 - Ironman Wisconsin: September 11th 2011
 - Ironman Florida: Novemver 5th 2011

Author(s): Paul Tyler and Ken
Paul Tyler is the founder of Triessential.com and a contributor here at TRIJUICE. Triessential offers an iPhone application that provides training tips and motivation every day throughout the entire year.