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Potts, Wassner Win 2011 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

phillytri2011.jpgIt was Andy Potts and Rebeccah Wassner winning today's Olympic distance 2011 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon in Fairmount Park. The pair earned $10,000 paychecks for their victories and valuable points in the Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series.

It was lucky bib number 13 for Potts today in Philly, edging out Matty Reed and Greg Bennett by 40 seconds for his second victory in the series. Reed and Bennett had slightly faster run splits but Potts managed to out run them in the end. Potts battled Cameron Dye out on the bike course and came in right behind him into T2. Dye's lead wasn't big enough, he overtook him late into the run for the victory and a new course record.

Sara Mclarty lead the women out of the Schulkyll River, with a commanding lead over Amanda Stevens, Rebeccah Wassner and Alicia Kaye with Wassner and Kaye at least two minutes down. McLarty used the advantage to stay out in front on the bike course, but Wassner and Kaye wouldn't give up that easily. The pair steadily gained ground on McLarty and pretty much entered T2 right around the same time. Kaye and Wassner battled for the lead, pulling ahead a McLarty. Around the halfway mark on the run Wassner pulled away from Kaye and the pack and built up a 30 second lead which was enough for the win.

2011 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon Results:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Andy Potts 1:46:05
Rebeccah Wassner 1:59:36
Matty Reed 1:46:47
Alicia Kaye 2:00:06
Greg Bennett 1:46:48
Laurel Wassner 2:00:17
Cameron Dye 1:48:23
Nicole Kelleher 2:01:59
Chris Foster 1:49:32
Lindsey Jerdonek 2:02:10
Andrew Yoder 1:49:41
Sara McLarty 2:03:43
David Thompson 1:50:54
Amanda Stevens 2:04:35
Timothy Reed 1:51:49
Jenna Parker 2:05:20
Holden Comeau 1:52:00
D'Ann Arthur 2:05:35
Stephen Hackett 1:52:53
Misato Takagi 2:06:08

Potts who was leading them men in the point standings will stay on top. Kaye should overtake Haskins who was leading the women's point standings and did not race with her second place finish. Wassner who was tied in 5th place with Sara McLarty should move up significantly with the win. Stay tuned for an update on the pro standings.