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Reed Repeats, Cave Wins REV3 Knoxville Triathlon

rev3 knoxville caveThe second running of the Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon took place today along the riverfront and the World's Fair Park. Defending champion Matty Reed got better faster and better as the day went along and passed Cameron Dye in the late stages to defend his title, winning by 9 seconds. Julie Dibens was back to defend her title as well, but a minor mishap on the bike course helped Leanda Cave take the victory ahead of Dibens.

Cameron Dye and Andrew Yoder exchanged the lead out on the bike course early on with Dye entering T2 first after the 40km ride. It wasn't looking like a good day for Reed who ended leaving T2 down two minutes to Dye and Yoder. As Reed progressed through the 10km Run, he looked stronger and faster and narrowed the gap until, making up the two minute deficit and passing Dye for the win.

2011 REV3 Knoxville Results:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Matty Reed 1:48:53
Leanda Cave 2:03:00
Cameron Dye 1:49:02
Julie Dibens 2:04:09
Andrew Yoder 1:49:47
Magali Tisseyre 2:05:34
Brian Fleischmann 1:51:08
Becky Lavelle 2:06:28
Joe Gambles 1:51:26
Malaika Homo 2:08:36
Richie Cunningham 1:51:58
Karen Smyers 2:09:14
David Thompson 1:52:03
Annabel Luxford 2:10:02
Tony White 1:52:11
Missy Kuck 2:10:28
John Kenny 1:52:53
Laurel Wassner 2:10:49
Peter Clode 1:53:09
Amanda Lovato 2:11:19

We are not sure exactly what happened, but Dibens and Anabel Luxford went off course on the bike course. This gave Cave nearly a minute leading heading into T2 which was enough for her to hold on against Dibens faster run. Veteran women's triathlete Karen Smyers had an impressive day for her age, finishing 6th overall with the 3rd fastest bike split of the day!

During the event Revolution3 honored triathlete Sally Meyerhoff who tragically killed when she was hit by a pickup truck while riding her bike in Arizona this past March. Meyerhoff had won the Rev3 Olympic and Half distance races at the inaugural Rev3 Costa Rica event this past February.

REV3 Knoxville 2011 - Mens Final Recap from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

REV3 Knoxville 2011 - Womens Final Recap from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

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Photo Credit: Eric Wynn
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