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PacificHealth Labs Launches Accel Recover Bar

accel recover barPacificHealth Laboratories, the makers behind Accelerade, Endurox R4 and other nutritional products has launched ACCEL RECOVER, the first bar nutritionally engineered bar for maximum muscle recovery.

The great tasting scientific proven recovery bar is designed to get high quality nutrients to your muscles fast. The key to recovery is getting high quality nutrients your muscles need as quickly as you can. The faster you start to recovery the faster you can be ready to go again on your next triathlon training day or race.

Accel Recover was developed by leading exercise physiologists whose cutting-edge research has defined the science of muscle recovery. The goal of the research team was to create a great-tasting bar in which every single nutritional component contributed to muscle recovery. The all-natural ACCEL RECOVER bar is the most exciting advance in bar nutrition in 30 years, with a breakthrough formula that incorporates:

 • Unique blend of of three carbohydrates to rapidly and completely replenish depleted muscle glycogen stores
 • Proprietary combination of three proteins enriched with glutamine, arginine and leucine, the amino acids tat drive the repair and rebuilding of muscle protein and the rapid transport of nutrients to muscles
 • Medium-chain triglycerides, which rapidly convert into energy rather than fat. No other bar uses MCT's as the primary fat source
 • Antioxidants to protect your muscles from free radical damage

"ACCEL RECOVER bar represents our commitment to drive innovation through science. ACCEL RECOVER bar addresses endurance athletes' specific recovery needs in a great tasting bar." said Fred Duffner, President and CEO

Accel Recover comes in Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor and is packaged 12 to a carton ( MSRP: $23.80). You can find the new Accel Recoverbars at Trisports.com and top independent Triathlon, Bike, and Run dealers. To purchase or learn more about the science of ACCEL RECOVER, visit www.pacifichealthlabs.com.

Keep a few of these bars around and eat following any triathlon training or racing for optimum muscle recovery.