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New Sage Rountree Book, The Athlete's Guide to Recovery

Athletes Guide to Recovery bookAre you resting or recovering enough after your race or long training sessions? If not, then you need to know that it's been shown that recovery is critical to performance gains. Just in time for this year's racing season comes a new book from Sage Rountree, The Athlete's Guide to Recovery - Rest, Relax, and Restore for Peak Performance to help you with your recovery.

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive, practical exploration of the art and science of athletic rest. With her book, certified triathlon and running coach and yoga instructor Sage Rountree guides you to full recovery and improved performance, revealing how much rest you need, how to measure your fatigue, and how to make the best use of recovery tools.

If you've hit a wall in your training, maybe it's because your body isn't recovering enough from each workout to become stronger. Hard workouts tear down the body, but rest allows the body to repair and come back stronger than before. Athletes who neglect their recovery will gain little from workouts, risking injury, overtraining, and burn out.

Drawing on her own experience along with interviews with coaches, trainers, and elite athletes, Rountree details daily recovery techniques, demystifying common aids like ice baths, compression apparel, and supplements. She explains in detail how to employ restorative practices such as massage, meditation, and yoga. You will learn which methods work best and how and when they are most effective.

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery offers recovery plans that target various race distances from short distance bike races to ultramarathons, as well as recovery between seasons.

This invaluable resource will enable you to maintain that hard-to-find balance between rigorous training and rest so that you can feel great and compete at your highest capability.

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery: Rest, Relax, and Restore for Peak Performance
by Sage Rountree Paperback with tables and figures throughout
240 pp., $18.95, 978-1-934030-67-7
Download the Table of contents and an excerpt (1-2 meg pdf).

About Sage Rountree:
Sage Rountree holds coaching certifications from USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and the Road Runners Club of America and is a registered, experienced yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. She is a regular contributor to Runner's World, Triathlete, and Yoga Journal magazines and has contributed to USA Triathlon Life, VeloNews, Running Times, Inside Triathlon, and Endurance magazines as well as several websites. She is a featured instructor at Kripalu and offers yoga workshops for athletes and coaches around the country. She is author of The Athlete's Guide to Yoga and The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga. Visit www.sagerountree.com to learn more about Sage.

About VeloPress:
VeloPress is an endurance sports and fitness publisher with books on cycling, triathlon, running, swimming, nutrition and diet, yoga, and the histories and personalities of our sports. VeloPress is the book-publishing division of Competitor Group, Inc., which publishes VeloNews, Triathlete, Inside Triathlon, and Competitor magazines and produces the Rock 'N' Roll marathon and half-marathon series, TriRock triathlon series, and the Muddy Buddy adventure race series. Learn more about VeloPress books at www.velopress.com.
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