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Dibens, Kienle Win Swimless Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

ironman 70.3 new orleans kienleToday's Ironman 70.3 New Orleans triathlon event had to be modified to a bike and run event due to the high winds on Lake Pontchartrain which forced the swim portion of the race to be canceled. Terenzo Bozzone kicked off the event on the bike in a time-trial format with the Pro's leaving on 30 second intervals.

Sebastian Kienle who had the fastest by split (2:02:18) of the day was able to stay ahead of the men's field for the win. Kienle seven minute advantage on Paul Amey was enough to overcome Amey's fast run (1:12:17), which was two minutes faster. Defending champion Bozzone, who started the race finished with a bike split (2:05:44) three minutes slower than Kienle's, he ended the day in fifth place.

2011 Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Results:
New Orleans, Louisiana

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Sebastian Kienle 3:18:08
Julie Dibens 3:40:15
Paul Amey 3:23:08
Samantha Warriner 3:41:31
Paul Matthews 3:25:23
Yvonne van Vlerken 3:44:30
Richie Cunningham 3:25:54
Linsey Corbin 3:46:19
Terenzo Bozzone 3:26:14
Tine Deckers 3:46:23
Dirk Bockel 3:26:22
Heather Jackson 3:48:32
Axel Zeebroek 3:27:15
Uli Bromme 3:48:56
Matthew Russell 3:27:24
Sonja Tajsich 3:50:00
Trevor Wurtele 3:28:01
Sofie Goos 3:52:11
Kyle Leto 3:28:11
Amy Kloner 3:53:09

ironman 70.3 new orleans dibensOn the women's side, Julie Dibens who started behind Samantha Warriner on the bike also had the fastest bike split (2:15:16) of the day and was able to stay ahead of Warriner in the end for the win. Warriner gave it everything she had, but her 1:27 deficit to Diben's on the bike and faster run split wasn't enough, she finishes the day in second. Sonja Tajsich had the fastest run of the day, but was well off Diben's bike split, she ends the day in eight place.

Some 2,000 triathletes were in New Orleans for the third edition of the Ironman 70.3 New Orleans triathlon event, which unfortunately was modified.

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Photo Credit: Ironman.com
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