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McCormack, Lidbury Win Inaugural TriStar111 Nevis

tristar111nevispodium.jpgOver the weekend the small Caribbean island of Nevis hosted the inaugural TriStar111 Nevis triathlon event. The turquoise waters and exotic surroundings of the island was the setting for the 1km Swim, 100km Bike and 10km run.

They were 111 to start this morning in the first TriStar111 of Nevis, like a sign of destiny... Moments before the race they all gathered to listen to the National Athem Sung acapella by three local singers. the weather was mild, turquoise waters and of about 28 degrees.

In the first line, Macca and Olivier Marceau attract all eyes. Winston Crooke gives the start of the race at 8:15 precise. The first out of the water is the young Canadian Wolfgang Guembel closely followed by Macca. One minute down, Olivier Marceau made ​​his appeareance. On the female side, Emma-Kate Lidbury was the fastest, but the Brazilian Fernanda Keller was not far behind.

The bike leg is the major difficulty of the day with 100km and the famous Mount Anaconda to be do be done three times. In this game, Macca is still the strongest; Olivier Marceau encounters some mechanical problems, and Wolfgang Guembel is eventually unable to follow the acceleration of the world champion. At transition, Macca has more than 10 minutes of lead on Guembel and 14 on Marceau.

The running course is not easy with small climbs above the village and return by the beach.the sister island of St. Kitts can be seen in the distance and athletes have three times to observe it! Emma-Kate Lidbury will win the race if she manages to keep the pace on the run part.

2011 TriStar111 Nevis Results:
Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Chris McCormack 3:34:18
Emma-Kate Lidbury 4:07:09
Olivier Marceau 3:49:14
Fernanda Keller 4:43:16
Wolfgang Guembel 3:50:27

As expected, Emma Kate Lidbury crosses the finish line first 35 minutes ahead of Fernanda Keller. All day long the crowd is there to congratulate all the finishers, the Prime Minister is also there to hand the medals to the athletes.

Chris McCormack: "I really enjoyed coming to Nevis. I did not know this little island before, but I will be back! I think triathlon has a future here in Nevis! People are friendly and welcoming. Regarding the course, I found it both beautiful and technical. The 'Anaconda climb' is the main difficulty on the bike leg, but it's the wind that sometimes hardens the race. On the run I had the lead so I could manage! I loved running on the beach, the scenery is beautiful. Really, Nevis is an island for triathlon."

Olivier Marceau: "I spent an excellent week in Nevis, a week that concluded today with TriStar111. I really liked the atmosphere of the StarMile swim event last Sunday and I rediscovered ever so warm supporters out there today. I did not race as I had hoped for mechanical problems with my bike and my gear shift, but racing is like that. Anyway I love this island and I'll be back next year to take revenge on Chris..."

Emma-Kate Lidbury: "I enjoyed the race. Nevis is a beautiful small island, the public is supportive and I received encouragement throughout the entire race. The cycling was the hardest part of course but I was in a good shape and I am very happy with my performance. Thank you all for this great day of triathlon."

Fernanda Keller: "Emma-Kate's victory is indisputable. However, I'm not unhappy because it was a sort of recovery for me. I tested for the first time the TriStar111 format and I loved it. My strength is the running, so a longer run could have helped, but the main advantage of this new concept is you can do many competitions without pain. The recovery of a TriStar111 might be quick, but that does not mean it's an easy distance!"

The last to cross the finish line is 58 year old Paula Price who has never given up and closes the first edition of the TriStar Nevis. Today was a day of history for the small island Nevis. Long live TriStar Nevis.