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Product Review: Swimsense vs. Pool-Mate Pro

swimsense vs poolmate reviewBiking and Running gear and gadgets for training in the sport of triathlon have advanced significantly compared to products in the swimming arena. That changed over the last year with some new and innovative training gadgets being released for swim training. Triathletes can now track and monitor even more stats during their triathlon training with new products from Swimovate and Finis.

Both the Pool-Mate Pro and the Swimsense Performance Monitor capture critical performance data during your swim workouts. Both products strap onto your wrist like a watch and use various technologies to monitor your swim workouts in the pool. After your workout you can download the data onto your computer and analyze your performance data, including laps, strokes, speed and various other indicators.

Here is an article reference if you have been thinking of adding one of the above products to you collection of training tools. Ray over at DC Rainmaker did some very extensive analysis and comparison on the Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor and the Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro swim training products. Check out what he has to say...

The two watches aim to solidify themselves in the still young market of swim technology, in particular though the area of recording devices. Over the past 3 months I've had a chance to swim workout after workout with both watches - in some cases wearing both watches at once. In doing so I've become very familiar with the intricacies of each device, its software, and their platforms in general. In doing so I've put together a pretty comprehensive comparison of the two and how they line up in virtually every category applicable.

Here is a quick comparison chart of the major features he put together to visualize the products side-by-side.


The primary goal of purchasing either of these devices is to be able to collect data. After all, if you didn't want to collect data, then a cheap watch from a department store would do just fine. So what does each watch gather?

He does an awesome job covering in-depth the following product features and functions:
 • Basic use in the water (usability)
 • Accuracy (Distance/Laps/Lengths)
 • Display Quality/Readability in the water
 • Battery Life
 • Data Gathering
 • Charging/Data Download Dock/Cradle
 • Software (vendor/3rd party)

Click the link below to read the full product review from Ray at DC Rainmaker and see why he states this in summary:

"This is one of the very few cases around these parts where I can't say there's an absolute clear winner."

- The Swim Watch Battle: FINIS Swimsense vs. Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro