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Polar's New Cutting-Edge RCX5 Training Computer

polar rcx5 watchPolar is launching the product which multisport and triathlon athletes have been waiting for - the RCX5 training computer. This is a cutting-edge product ideal for endurance sports, with some exciting new features to coach you in planning, training and analyzing your performance in detail.

Knowing how hard to train can be a challenge as your condition changes every day depending on a number of factors, including your physical and mental state, stress, sleep, and previous training. The brand new ZoneOptimizer feature in the RCX5 takes out the guesswork by adjusting your personal heart rate zones for every training session based on your current physiological condition. It will guide you to train at the right intensity to get the training effect you want, making your every session more effective. In addition, the RCX5 gives you sport-specific training data based on your personal settings and allow you to change from one sport profile to another with just a few button presses. The RCX5 gives heart rate even in water with the new WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter, making it ideal for triathlon.

New sensors also feature in this new product launch: The small G5 GPS sensor, rechargeable via mini USB, and s3+ stride sensor with a new, firm shoe attachment which guarantees more accurate running pace and distance measurement. On the saddle, you can get your speed, distance and cadence measured by adding compatible Polar cycling sensors. With the sensor accessories, RCX5 keeps up with you in the water, on the saddle, on your run, and online.

There will also be big upgrades at www.polarpersonaltrainer.com to support multisport athletes in their training. The new map view will allow users with the G5 GPS sensor to review their training data at any point of their route. In addition, the Training Load feature can be seen as a graph, showing your cumulative training load in color coding. You can also create for yourself complete endurance training programs for running and cycling. The training programs can be synched to your RCX5.

Here is a sneak peek on how the RCX5 works.

The RCX5 will be available in two colors, the smart black and the striking red, and in four different product sets with different sensors. All sets will be available between May and July with the black RCX5. The striking red color design will be available in all four set combinations in September 2011. All sensors can be purchased separately as accessories.

It appear that more details on the new Polar RCX5 Training Computer will become available in April, including the price of the new watch.