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Peaksware Acquires SprintGPS Suite of Tracking Apps for the iPhone

To celebrate the addition of the new apps, TrainingPeaks will be offering them for 99-cents for 48 hours from March 22-23, 2011.

trainingpeaks gps / sprintgpsPeaksware LLC, the company behind the popular TrainingPreaks online training log tools for athletes and coaches has announced that it has acquired SprintGPS, the premiere suite of GPS activity tracking apps for the iPhone from Screenmedia.

The SprintGPS suite of mobile apps includes several applications, each able to be moderately customized to track and share workouts. The suite includes Run Tracker Pro for runners, Cycle Tracker Pro for cyclists, Walk Tracker Pro or Walk Tracker Free for walkers, and Pedometer Pro for counting steps and distance when exercising indoors. The suite of apps will be rebranded as TrainingPeaks GPS.

iTunes Download Links
 -Run Tracker Pro
 -Cycle Tracker Pro
 -Walk Tracker Pro
 -Pedometer Pro
"Mobile GPS tracking applications make it convenient and easy for consumers to track their exercise, and Peaksware is constantly innovating to make fitness tracking a seamless part of the training experience. With SprintGPS' world-class design and user interface, runners, cyclists and walkers of all levels will be able to easily record their time, distance, route, steps and more using only their iPhone." - Gear Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder Peaksware

In addition to real-time maps and tracking time, distance, speed, pace, calories, altitude, intervals and splits, and in Pedometer Pro counting steps, each of the SprintGPS apps includes the following compelling features:
 ● Ghost Runner for racing against yourself using a previous activity
 ● Photo sharing using the built-in camera to store photos taken along a route
 ● Audio cues for real-time audio feedback
 ● Interval training guidance; higher-intensity workouts alternating with periods of rest
 ● Access to iPhone music and for a boost, activation of 'Power Song' feature
 ● Progress charts to display fitness trending
 ● Social media sharing of activities, routes and photos via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

trainingpeaks gps mapTo celebrate the addition of these new apps to the TrainingPeaks family, Peaksware will be offering each of the TrainingPeaks branded apps for only 99-cents for 48 hours from March 22-23, 2011. As an added benefit, they will be donating the proceeds of every iTunes download equally between the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation, Lymphoma and Leukemia Society's Team in Training and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's BikeMS programs. On March 24, 2011 the app will be returning to the regular cost of $4.99.

The SprintGPS acquisition builds on Peaksware's industry-leading momentum and innovation in fitness monitoring, analysis and planning. Along with the integration of the SprintGPS applications, Peaksware will continue to support the 90+ hardware devices and mobile applications from third party manufacturers as alternative methods for consumers to track and record their exercise.

Free and Premium TrainingPeaks.com accounts will gain many additional benefits easily found all in one place, such as:
 ● Being able to review your workouts tracked on your app online
 ● Storing and sharing training routes recorded with your app
 ● Logging your other workouts on TrainingPeaks
 ● Tracking your nutrition (free barcode scanner app to gather packaging nutrition info)
 ● Tracking key metrics, such as weight, blood pressure, water consumption, and more
 ● Utilizing our professionally-developed training plans
 ● Working directly with an expert coach or dietitian

The SprintGPS branded app will be phased out and no longer supported after May 31, 2011.

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 - TrainingPeaks.com
 - TrainingPeaks Mobile for iPhone
 - TrainingPeaks.com/m