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Chrabot, Petersen Win Inaugural 5150 Series Event in Miami

5150MIT.jpgMatt Chrabot and Jillian Petersen win today's inaugural 5150 Triathlon Series event staged at the 2011 Miami International Triathlon in Minami, Florida. The ITU pair trains together and showed off some early season strength fending of the rest of the field. Charbot won this race last year.

This early season Olympic Distance triathlon event is part of the World Triathlon Corporation's new global triathlon series launched late last year named 5150 Triathlon Series.

2011 Miami International Triathlon Results:
Miami, Florida

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Matt Charbot 1:44:04
Jillian Petersen 1:56:54
Bevan Docherty 1:44:30
Sara McLarty 2:00:10
Benjamin Collinson 1:44:40
Kaitlin Shiver 2:01:07
Cameron Dye 1:44:48
Nicole Kelleher 2:01:14
Chris Lieto 1:44:50
Amanda Felder Derkacs 2:03:27
Kyle Leto 1:45:15
Alicia Kaye 2:04:06
Matt Reed 1:46:15
Angela Axmann 2:04:08
Kevin Everett 1:46:34
Christine Jeffrey 2:06:18
Jordan Jones 1:47:04
Kristen Peterson 2:07:31
Brian Fleischmann 1:48:04
Mandy McLane 2:08:44

The Olympic Distance, non-drafting race consisted of a 1.5km Swim, a 40km Bike and 10km Run.

The 5150 Series will consist of 13 events in North America and 7 international events. Athletes will be able to qualify for the 5150 U.S. Championship in Des Moines, Iowa staged in conjunction with the Hy-Vee Triathlon. The race will also feature a 5150 Series Finale in Clearwater, Florida in November. You can check the series website for additional races and details at www.5150.com.
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