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Dibens Defends, Van Lierde Wins in Abu Dhabi

dibens abu dhabi 2011Julie Dibens of Great Britain defends her title while Belgium's Frederik Van Lierde wins the men's race at the 2011 Abu Dhabi International Triathlon. Both athletes pick up a $50,000 USD first place check with the victories in the dessert.

It was a hot day in Abu Dhabi as well as in the men's race. Sylvain Sudrie led the men out of the water at the Emirates Palace Hotel with Rasmis Henning and Dirk Bockel right on his tail. Bockel took the early lead on the bike until Bjorn Andersson took the lead and surged ahead on the men's field. American Andrew Starykowicz was 5 minutes behind Andersson upon exiting the Yas Marina race track and then took the lead from Andersson on the last lap of the bike. Starykowicz who raced in the heat just last month in Costa Rica entered T2 with a time just under 6 minutes ahead of Van Lierde. Van Lierde who finished 5th last year quickly chased down Starykowicz and passed him for the lead around the 13km mark of the 20km run and held on for the victory. Fellow countryman Marino Vanhoenacker who was 7 minutes down out of T2 pushed his run but ran out of real estate, finishing just 17 seconds behind Van Lierde for 2nd place. Luxembourg's Dirk Bockel got third while Starykowicz faded to tenth.

2011 Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Results:
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Frederik van Lierde (BEL) 6:43:14
Julie Dibens (GBR) 7:14:13
Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) 6:43:31
Caroline Steffen (SUI) 7:19:45
Dirk Bockel (LUX) 6:43:42
Catriona Morrison (GBR) 7:31:02
Raynard Tissink (RSA) 6:43:47
Rachel Joyce (GBR) 7:31:59
Sylvain Sudrie (FRA) 6:45:49
Angela Naeth (CAN) 7:32:24
Craig Alexander (AUS) 6:46:46
Leanda Cave (GBR) 7:34:10
Luke Bell (AUS) 6:46:52
Lucie Zelenkova (CZE) 7:36:24
Faris Al Sultan (GER) 6:48:22
Joanna Lawn (NZL) 7:47:50
Timo Bracht (GER) 6:49:40
Belinda Granger (AUS) 7:48:49
Andrew Starykowicz (USA) 6:50:23
Emma-Kate Lidbury (GBR) 7:51:20

Noteable DNF's for the day include Rasmus Henning who had severe cramps in his quads coming out of the swim. The battle in the dessert between Craig Alexander and Chris McCormack ended early with McCormack calling it a day after lap 1 on the bike course; screws on one of his cleats became loose. Defending champ Eneko Llanos who entered T2 in 5th place ended his day after one loop out on the run.

Dibens won in typical style, leading from start to finish. She led lead out of the water and then just continually extended her lead on the bike, giving her a big enough cushion for the run. Switzerland's Caroline Steffen was 9 minutes down exiting T2 but was unable to make up ground on Dibens, she finishs the day in 2nd place. Great Britain's Catriona Morrison picked up third.

Photo Credit: Paul Phillips - Competitive Image

Our TRIJUICE Twitter Feed for Abu Dhabi Race Day Coverage:
Top 5 Men out of the swim in Abu Dhabi: D. Bockel 40:12, S. Bayliss +0:01, A. Starykowicz +0:01, L. McKenzie +0:02, P. Matthews +0:03
11 C. Alexander (AUS) +0:18 and 16 C. McCormack (AUS) +1:50 behind D. Bockel #triathlon
Top 5 Women out of the water in Abu Dhabi: J. Dibens 42:38, L. Cave +0.00 L. Zelenkova +1:44, A. Marsh +1:51, C. Steffen +1:52
Defending champion E. Llanos was 23rd out of the water, +2:28 behind D. Bockel
The Pros in Abu Dhabi are now on their way to conquering the 200km bike course at the Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
RT @tri247: Rasmus definitely out, cramp we understand... Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Top 5 Men in Abu Dhabi: 1-B. Andersson 1:46:46, 2-B. Rhodes +3:11, 3-M. Jensen +3:15, 4-S. Bayliss +3:16, 5-L. McKenzie +3:18 Yas Out Lap 1
Crowie 8th +3:22, F. Al-Sultan 13th +3:32, C. McCormack 20th +5:55 and E. Llanos 27th +6:10 at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon behind Andersson
1-J. Dibens 1:49:10, 2-L. Cave +1:57, 3-C. Steffen +2:05, 4-A. Marsh +3:46, 5-L. Zelenkova +3:47 at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon on 1st lap
Amazing to see S. Bayliss in 4th place after his bike finally arrived, got up at 3AM to build it to race today at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Off the race track in Abu Dhabi 1-J. Dibens 1:57:05, 2-L. Cave +2:25, 3-C. Steffen +2:27, 4-L. Zelenkova +4:20, 5-R. Joyce +6:57, A. Marsh?
Faris & Crowie move up, 1-B. Andersson 2:04:59, 2-M. Jensen +3:36, 3-F. Al-Sultan +3:38, 4-L. McKenzie +3:40, 5-C. Alexander +3:41 Abu Dhabi
@tri247 Did something happen to A. Marsh?
Macca now in 15th +5:47 and Eneko now in 29th +5:55 behind Andersson at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
BUMMER! One of today's Abu Dhabi International Triathlon favorites will have a DNF today, Rasmus Henning
More updates C. Alexander 8th +5:14, L. Bell 9th +5:15, E. Llanos 14th +6:29 behind Andersson at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon, Macca falls back
Haven't mentioned M. Vanhoenacker, currently in 15th place +6:30 behind Andersson. Macca in 25th +7:17 down at Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
More women's Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon updates A. Naeth in 5th +10:14 and L. Zelenkova in 6th +10:58 behind Dibens
Such a BIG race and no $$$ for coverage! RT @jimmyarchertri: Ok this premiertiming thing for Abu Dahbi tri sucks ass. Keeps crashing on me.
Women's Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon update 1-J. Dibens 2:47:40, 2-C. Steffen +3:33, 3-L. Cave +5:44, 4-A. Marsh +8:13, Marsh still in the mix
RT @rasmushenning: Even after an hour of Compex I still can't bend my legs a single bit. No chance I could have biked. #triathlon
Word in Abu Dhabi is that Macca is out at the Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Yas race course lap 2 for men coming up
Andrew Starykowicz who race in the heat in Costa Rica has moved into 2nd place, +4:51 behind B. Andersson in Abu Dhabi
@tri247 word is Macca is back at the hotel. a T.K.O. today in Abu Dhabi
1.B. Andersson 3:26:59, 2-A. Starykowicz +4:51, 3-M. Jensen +7:34, 4-F. Van Lierde +7:42, 5-C. Brown +7:43 Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Bjorn extending his lead, now C. Alexander 9th +7:48, M. Vanhoenacker 13th +7:5, F. Al-Sultan 15th +7:55 Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Defending champ Eneko Llanos still in the mix, +7:31 down to Bjorn Andersson out of the Yas Marina race track Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Women entering the Yas Race track, 1-J. Dibens 3:44:45, C. Steffen now down by another minute in 2nd +4:50 Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Leanda Cave hanging tough in 3rd, +10:57 behind Dibens Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
Angela Naeth moves up a notch to 4th but down 3 more minutes +13:41, Catriona Morrison in 5th +14:56 Abu Dhabi Intl Triathlon
We'll have to see what happens on the run... We did our best, but with no audio or video, it's hard to stay awake now at 1:00 AM

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