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Women's Running Clothes for the Fit & Fashionable

roga-black-and-orange.jpgWhen I first laid eyes on the Oiselle line I was delighted to see a running brand with fresh contemporary designs. The Oiselle clothing doesn't resemble any other running brands, let's face it a lot of running clothing is boring and not exactly fashionable. Oiselle has its own unique personality, is is sophisticated with subtle and elegant graphics, it doesn't use the typical bold bright "in your face" graphics that many running companies use. "Oiselle"(pronounced wa-zell) means female bird in French and alludes to the feeling of weightlessness that most runner's know and love. That sense of flight- when your legs go fast and your heart goes free.

Sally Bergeson, the founder of Oiselle, was dissatisfied with the running shorts she was finding on the market. Nobody was offering the kind of low-rise, makes-you-want-to-run fast shorts that she envisioned and then created. The Oiselle shorts are unique from most running shorts in many ways; they have removable drawstrings because when they fit right you don't need one, they don't have tags that create irritation, they have liners that compliment the shells, and they feature a subtle logo so you can focus on your run rather than looking like a billboard. The shorts are made to give you a sense of flight and weightlessness.

The Oiselle line features stylish high performance running and active lifestyle apparel. The brand follows what is hot on the runway and translates it to what is hot on the track. Oiselle uses high quality performance materials to keep you dry and comfortable, and the best part is that the clothing is very reasonably priced for the high level of technical design and quality.

Iris-Sport-Top-Indigo.jpgI have heard nothing but rave reviews on Oiselle products from our Three Active customers, favorites include the Oiselle Tee's and the Distance Shorts. Customers rave about how light weight and comfortable the Distance shorts are and how soft the Tee's are. The line satisfies the demand for active lifestyle apparel. This is apparel that you can wear while running errands or running races; it allows you flexibility, comfort and fashion all at the same time.

May your next run have a little Oiselle in it, where you will reach that sense of flight- when your legs go fast and your heart goes free! To check out more Oiselle apparel, including the new spring 2011 merchandise visit Three Active. Finally Fit + Fashionable = Fabulous!

Author: Melanie Glover, Founder & Owner ThreeActive.com, Avid triathlete and Ironman finisher
Three Active is committed to bringing you stylish triathlon clothing at affordable prices. We believe that when you look good, you race great! At Three Triathon we are all passionate triathletes and we love all triathletes from newbies to Ironmaners. Race Hard. Look Good.