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Ironman Japan Replaced by Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon

Goto Nagasaki International TriathlonThe dust has settled on the demise of Fukue Island's Ironman Japan event, now it's time to move on. It appears that a new event, Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon has been created to replace the 9-year old iron distance event previously run there.

Last year's 2010 Ironman Japan race was canceled two weeks prior to the event date, cause stated was a highly contagious strain of Foot-and-Mouth disease on the island (2010 Ironman Japan Officially Canceled). It's totally unclear what effect this had on the 2011 race, as this and other rumors swirled around before it became official that Ironman Japan would not be returning.

Events like these bring money into the city and with the way the economy is officials had to do something on their own to generate any tourism dollars they could, thus the new triathlon event. International athletes still interested in still doing an Iron Distance triathlon in Japan and from what it appears on the old course previously run should consider looking at the new Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon.

Triathlon: Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon
When: Sunday, June 19, 2011
Where: Goto, Fukue Island, Japan
Divisions: Age Group, Relay
Website: www.gototri.com

The race will cover the exact same distances previously run with the race, a 3.8km Swim, a 180km Bike and a 42km Run.

WTC's statement on Ironman Japan "Ironman wishes to advise that any 2011 race on Goto Island is not affiliated with Ironman and will not be a qualifier for the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Ironman is working on a new Ironman Japan race for the summer of 2011 and hopes to make an announcement soon."

Registration is currently open for the new Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon which will have a race capacity of 750 participants. Visit www.gototri.com for details (we suggest using the Google Chrome browser which has a translator option built-in to the browser).