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Element Endurance Energy Bars Re-Launches

Element Endurance Re-Launches with an All New Look, Boost, Bar and More!

Element Endurance blueberry repair barAre you tired of energy bars that have ingredients you might not care for or are missing something you might like to see included? For example, want a bar that is high in fiber and high in protein, but doesn't have raisins? If so, then you will need to check out Element Endurance, a company which allows customers to design their own custom energy bars. Want a bar with chocolate, peanuts, and an Omega-3 boost, they can do that!

Element Endurance features a line of energy bars tailored for endurance athletes brought forth by Chicago based Element Bars. They just re-launched their website with an all new look, an added caffeine boost, a new Bananas A Whey bar and a new variety pack! Nine months ago, Element Endurance launched with the goal of giving endurance athletes the ability to create customized energy bars to fuel their workouts as well as to offer a selection of bars designed by nutrition and physical medicine experts. All their natural energy bars are made with premium and organic ingredients!

In the New Year Element Endurance made and met some Resolutions:
 • Caffeine, in moderation, is a healthy way to jumpstart your day and/or your workout. They now have a new caffeine boost! Simply add the caffeine boost to your customer energy bars and you'll have 50mg of caffeine (equivalent to a small cup of coffee). The caffeine is all natural and sourced from Yerba Matte tea extracts.
 • They created a new bar that looks healthy and tasty. The "Bananas A Whey" is a new, high protein, low-fat bar made with bananas and dark chocolate to help with sports recovery.
 • If you aren't creative enough, check out their new variety pack now includes all four of their expertly designed bars. Cranberry Crunch and Cherry Charged are designed to help you Prepare and Perform while Blueberry Repair and Bananas A Whey are designed to aid Recovery.

Ordering your own customer energy bar from Element Endurance is simple. They have an intuitive interface with all their ingredients that you use to create your own bar. After choosing an ingredient, you'll immediately see the Nutritional Facts for your bar.

Oaty Chew, Little Crunch, Nutty Chew, Super Crunch
Cherries, Cranberries, Raisins, Blueberries, Apricots, Bananas
Almonds, Flaxseeds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds
Honey, Brown Rice Syrup, Pumpkin Spice, Agave Syrup, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon
Whey Protein, Soy Protein, Immunity, Omega-3, B Vitamins, Glucosamine Chondrotin, Caffeine

Visit www.ElementEndurance.com to create and name your own box of custom energy bars, one dozen for just $36 or sample the company's own creations with their variety pack, one dozen for just $24. The custom energy bars only take 2 days to bake and package and then 7-10 days for shipping.

eetrijuicepromo.jpgWe've made friends with Element Endurance and they have been kind enough to offer a great promotion in conjunction with their re-launch. They are offering TRIJUICE readers 15% Off their energy bars with Promo code: Trijuice
NOTE: Promo code is case sensitive. It's only valid on their Endurance line of bars. Offer good on custom bars, packs of a single pre-designed bars as well variety packs. Custom bars have to be purchased at a minimum of 12 bars.

About Element Bars:
A pioneer in the custom energy bar market, Jonathan Miller, the founder and CEO of Element Bars, created the Element Endurance line of bars to reach those looking to take control of their nutrition for their sports and fitness needs! Jonathan has given the power back to the consumers by developing a unique and interactive drag and drop interface to allow people to create all natural, customized energy bars.