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2011 Colors for Orbea Odin, Thor and Rune Helmets

orbea 2011 helmetsOrbea has helmets? Yes, Orbea, which entered the helmet market last year wanted to extend its experience to other bike-related products, so that cyclists and bikers would benefit from their sensitivity and know-how. They gathered all of their engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of the cycling world into this these new helmets.

Check out the 2011 Orbea helmet colors (click the helmet name). Orbea has 3 models, the top of the line Odin (MSRP: $199.00), the mid-tier Thor (MSRP: $149.00) helmet and the Rune (MSRP: $99.00).

The Orbea Design is based on what they consider the four essential elements of bicycle design: the riders, the state-of-the-art technology, the creation process and the trends. They have taken inspiration from nature, developing our helmet designs according to a natural concept and organic design. They represent the natural evolution of aerodynamics.

They have developed a layer-by-layer construction technology for their helmets that enables them to optimize the helmet's features: appearance, ventilation and compactness. Each helmet is built using a certain number of layers with a specific material for each layer according to its features. The more layers there are, the more the surface area of the helmet can be reduced, providing it with better ventilation and a more compact structure. The design optimization is achieved through a combination of shapes, construction technology and materials.

Odin - 4 layers: Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber, EPS and Nylon.
Thor - 3 layers: Polycarbonate, EPS and Nylon
Rune - 2 layers: Polycarbonate and EPS.

They have developed a retention system with the following characteristics:

- Retention system independent from helmet straps.
- Dual injection retention system.
- COOLMAX fabric pad system.
- Ergonomic adjustment system.
- Rubber support surface for a smoother feel.

orbea odin orbea thor orbea rune

Size Chart:
Small: 50-54 cm in diameter
Medium: 54-58 cm in diameter
Large: 58-62 cm in diameter

NOTE: Orbea helmets run smaller than most brands.

For more info the Orbea helmets visit www.orbea-usa.com