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nuun Reveals New Packaging and 5 New Flavors

new nuun flavorsnuun, the active hydration company which sells portable electrolyte hydration tubes with dissolvable tablets to fend off dehydration has revealed their new packaging and new electrolyte flavors. The 5 new flavors will complement the existing 6 flavors they already sell. The new packaging help identify the individual flavors and shows off the new nuun logo.

nuun derived the new flavors with input / help from their loyal customers.

The fast acting, optimally balanced electrolyte hydration drink in a tab is popular with cyclists, triathletes, runners, adventure racers and anyone else 'doing stuff' while trying to stay properly hydrated.

nuun flavor lineup

Existing Flavors New Flavors
• lemon+lime
• tri-berry
• citrus fruit
• orange ginger
• banananuun
• kona cola
• strawberry lemonade
• fruit punch
• lemon tea
• tropical
• grape

The complex electrolyte drink recharges your salts without the sugary stuff while being refreshing and efficiently absorbed into your system compared to water alone or most sports drinks on the market.

The new nuun flavors should be available in stores and online April 1st. You can find nuun active hydration products here: www.nuun.com

We can't wait to test out their new Lemon Tea flavor. What do you all think about the new flavors? Which one would you want to try first? Let us know via twitter (@trijuice) or facebook.