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Introducing the Nike+ Sport Watch GPS Powered by TomTom

nike+ gps sports watchNews from CES today, Nike and TomTom have collaborated to create a new watch, the Nike+ Sport Watch GPS Powered by TomTom. The Nike+ Sport Watch GPS is designed as a high performance watch with an extremely clear and readable user interface that delivers the necessary information to the user in real-time while running. Not only does it track what you do and where, it tracks how you do it and then shows you the details.

The new watch offers personalization and motivational features to your running regimen, including audible sounds, challenges, run reminders and more. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is designed to be simple and intuitive with only three buttons and a Tap Screen for navigation

Who cool is this new watch, well it won two Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards in the Health and Wellness and Personal Electronics categories.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS combines the accuracy of GPS with the shoe-based Nike+ sensor to track time, pace, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. So you have your whole running history strapped to your arm with instant access.

The watch connects to NikePlus.com so you can view your completed runs, set new goals, and interact with a community of almost 4 million runners around the world. Users can then upload their runs to Nikeplus.com via a built-in USB connector in the watch's strap. New features for the watch on Nikeplus.com include mapping and tracking run with time, pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate and elevation.

The watch will be available in the U.S. and U.K. starting April 1. The price is yet to be released, but people are saying anywhere from $199 to $299

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