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Daily Triathlon Training Tips & More via TriEssential iPhone App

TriEssential iPhone AppEver want to secretly escape from your office chair in the middle of winter to the swim start of a triathlon? Paul Tyler, founder of TriEssential.com built an iPhone app to help you do just that. His company released their first product this fall with a different triathlon tip, motivational quote and photo for every day of the year.

It's a great new triathlon iPhone App for beginners in the sport of triathlon to the well established seasoned triathlete.

"It's the digital equivalent of the 365 day desk calendar," Paul said. "But this one travels in your pocket. And it's one that hopefully breaks the monotony of some dull meetings!"

Paul created the calendar with a team of active triathletes in the Connecticut and New York area. The TriEssential varies from other triathlon iPhone Apps on the market, as it features great triathlon tips along with inspirational and motivational quotes and pictures.

365 training tips from top triathletes give you an insider's edge to the sport.

From Aristotle to MacGyver, inspiration and motivation for your workout --and your workday.

Exclusive, high-quality action shots will remind you why you race every time you pick up your phone.

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If you are looking for an emotional spark to keep you in the triathlon game for each of the next 365 days, then check this new iPhone app out today. Triessential is available for sale on iTunes (link) for $4.99.