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Record Breaking Day for Wellington, Bracht in Tempe

imaz2010winners.jpgLate and unexpected Ironman Arizona race entries by Chrissie Wellington and Timo Bracht proved to be the right decision as the pair with today's 2010 Ironman Arizona race in Tempe. Not only did they win, they both conquered the elements and set new course records, Bracht lowers the mark with his 8:07:16 time. Wellington not only shatters last year's course record of 9:09:19 set by Samantha McGlone by a jaw-dropping 35 minutes with her time of 8:36:13, she sets and lowers the Ironman branded World Record time with her amazing performance today.

Some 2,700 athletes took part in today's race, including one of the deepest professional fields ever seen at this race or any other Ironman race (48 men and 23 women). Some pros had something to prove after Kona, like Wellington and Rasmus Henning while other pros looked for an opportunity to gain value points in their chase to race in Kona next year. For pros like Tom Lowe, Matt Reed and Devon Palmer it was a place and race to test out the 140.6 distance with their Ironman debut. For defending champion Jordan Rapp, it was an opportunity to prove to himself and others that he's back after his near fatal accident. Rapp was the victim of a hit and run while on a training ride this past March.

Leanda Cave, who has been racing extremely well since her tenth place finish in Kona lead the women out of the water, closely followed by Meredith Kessler. Wellington was 43 seconds behind Cave with her 51:56 swim. Some 30 miles into the bike, Wellington took the lead and turned on her turbo speed. She powered herself through the bike course in the windy and congested bike course, which also included some rain. Her amazing 4:47:06 bike course record even includes riding the last 6 miles on a flat tire. Linsey Corbin, Cave and Heather Wurtele all had sub-5 hour bike rides, but it wasn't enough to keep them close to a flying Wellington on the run. Cave came into T2 in second place but was six minutes down. Wellington did what she's known for, flying on the run course and finishes with a 2:52.56 marathon split to finish the day, some 35 minutes ahead of American Corbin who finished in second. She proved that she the real deal even though she could not show everyone at this year's Ironman World Championship race. She finishes the day 8th overall. Corbin again finishes in second place even with a time eight minutes faster than last year. Cave finishes the day in third place, just over a week later after her second place finish in Clearwater at the Ironman World Championship 70.3 race.

2010 Ironman Arizona Results:

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Timo Bracht 8:07:16 #
Chrissie Wellington 8:36:13 #
Rasmus Henning 8:10:58
Linsey Corbin 9:05:33
Tom Lowe 8:11:44
Leanda Cave 9:13:50
Jordan Rapp 8:16:45
Meredith Kessler 9:15:01
Jozsef Major 8:26:15
Heather Wurtele 9:19:10
Matt Reed 8:33:08
Erika Csomor 9:22:38
Max Longree 8:33:28
Mackenzie Madison 9:24:11
Ian Mikelson 8:41:18
Heleen bij de Vaate 9:29:15
Joe McDaniel 8:43:23
Uli Bromme 9:31:22
Anthony Toth 8:46:57
Lauren Harrison 9:33:53
# = Course Record        

John Dahlz was the first man out of the resurrected Tempe Town Lake which suffered a blow earlier this year when the dam burst; he swam a 47:44 in chilly 61 degree waters. Kevin Everett, second out of the water held the lead on the bike some 37 miles into the race, then Reed, Henning and Rapp exchanged places until Bracht took over the lead some 90 mile into the race. Bracht was closely followed into T2 by Rapp, Chris Lieto and Henning, who had to serve a 4 minute penalty before going out on the run. Bracht, who's has other Ironman titles and was 6th in Kona this year started off the run with a 19 second lead over Rapp and continued to extend that lead all the way to the finish line, he ended the day a 2:48:59 marathon time. The real action was behind him with those chasing him, Rapp, Henning, and Wellington's boyfriend Lowe. Henning found his legs late into the run and moved up to finish in second; Lowe's 2:48:12 helped him solidify this third place finish. Rapp's day ends with a fourth place finish while Ironman newbie Reed finishes the day in sixth.

Notable DNF's for the day include Leon Griffin, who was racing in his last Ironman race. On the women's side Rachel Joyce ends the day with a DNF. She suffered a bike accident with an age group athlete, got back on her bike and powered herself to T2 in pain. She made it out onto the run course, but the pain must have been too great.

Chris Lieto, whose bike was broken upon arrival in Tempe got it fixed before the race. He was 20th out of the swim today and powered himself towards the front of the pack early. His goal for the day was to have a solid run. The cyclist still came into T2 with the fastest bike split of the group, but he was in third place. Things didn't go as planned on the run and he ended walking some of it, proving to his son that's he's not a quitter, he finishes the day in 29th place.

Spinnerval's Troy Jacobson raced and finished the day in Tempe in style with a first place finish in the 40-44 age group in a time of 9:06:21.

Our friends: Devon Palmer, coach at the new OptumHealth Performance Center finished the day with an impressive 9:04:49 on his pro Ironman debut. Chris Elmore, host of the TriTopics podcast finished the day in 12:27:12. Our friend Julie Hull from MN finishes the day as the 8th amateur women and 2nd in her age group with a new PB of 10:35:50. Earlier this season she suffered a pretty nasty bike crash which interrupted her training.

Additional Race Coverage:
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2010 Ironman Arizona Pictures:
imaz2010medals.jpg imaz2010swim.jpg imaz2010major.jpg imaz2010lieto.jpg
imaz2010henning.jpg imaz2010rapp.jpg imaz2010chrissie.jpg imaz2010cave.jpg
imaz2010corbinkessler.jpg imaz2010troy.jpg imaz2010kiss.jpg imaz2010cwtl.jpg
Photos Courtesy of Kerry at YndeCam (click to enlarge)
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