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What do you think of WTC's new Ironman Access program?

ironmanaccesspoll.jpgDrama on the Ironman front today as the World Triathlon Corporation launched an exclusive athlete membership program called Ironman Access. For a mere annual membership fee of $1,000 athletes will gain advance registration for Ironman events worldwide before entries open to the general public plus addition member benefits.

"An exclusive program that allows Ironman athletes the opportunity to register for popular worldwide events before online registration opens to the general public."

The new Ironman Access membership is open on a first-come, first-served basis and will close once it reaches capacity. See www.ironmanaccess.com for further details.

We want to know what you think of WTC's new "Ironman Access" program with our online poll? Do you Love it!, Hate it! or are Unsure? Vote here >> http://twtpoll.com/b9kbe5

The heart and soul of an Ironman event are the un-paid volunteers that are out there just as long as many athletes and provide the nutrition and/or support along the way to those racing, including the pros. One of the side benefits all volunteers get and most use is the ability to register for the following year's race prior to the race opening to the general public. A great incentive to get the volunteers the event needs and the opportunity for athletes to join in the experience. The new membership program now gives athletes the ability to skip to the front on the line and register for those Sold Out events before others and possibly to those that worked their butts off volunteering.