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Triathlon Blurbs: De Soto, Smartmount, GYST, Sella, DBM Endurance

This edition of Triathlon Blurbs! features new some triathlon related products for your bike, an awesome long sleeve piece of clothing designed for those hot race days, an all-in-one transition bag and a powerful endurance supplement product. They might peak your interest, so check them out...

Item: De Soto Skin Cooler Long SleeveTop 3-pockets
desotolst3p.jpgDetails: The 3 vertical pockets might not make sense to someone who has not endured an Ironman distance or half Ironman distance in very hot weather. However, the pockets line up along your spine designed to help your body cool. The Skin Cooler Shirt is great for aid station ice, sponges, or for carrying gel packets. You might be used to only using the lower pocket of your current jersey, but you will quickly find the upper pocket to be great for carrying sunglasses, a cell phone or your mp3 player. The center pocket may require the help of the aid station or a bit more flexibility on the part of the wearer.
MSRP: $76.00
Colors: White, Black
Website: www.desotosports.com

Item: Smartmount Triathlon Bike Race Number Holder
smartmount race number holderDetails: The Smartmount Race Number Holder offers triathletes an aero dynamic bike mount for their race numbers. It's a lightweight, impact resistant polyurethane arm. The reversible and curved mounting clip provides for the best clearance possible giving you the option of mounting your race number practically anywhere on your bike. Add the optional Aero Sleeve and you have the ultimate aero race number setup. The benefit is, no more sticky glue residue left on your bike after the race to remove.
MSRP: $11.95, optional Aero Sleeve attachment $3.95
Website: www.smartmount.net

Item: GYST X-Changer Pack System Duffle Bag
GYST X-Changer Pack System duffle bagDetails: Check this out if you a looking for a transition bag for your open water swims or your next triathlon race. GYST and its X-Changer Pack System brings a revolution to the market of transition bags, making regular bags without a changing mat look obsolete. The transitions bags feature a storage compartment with a built-in changing compartment with a waterproof base designed to lie on the ground. Each bag is constructed of eco-friendly materials and has been designed and tested by athletes.
MSRP: $99.00
Website: www.gystconcept.com
Purchase: GYST X-Changer Pack System Duffle Bag at Carbon Connection Cyclery

Item: Selle Italia SLR T1 Troy Lee Design Saddle
Selle Italia SLR T1 Troy Lee DesignDetails: Spruce up your bike setup with this unique limited design bike saddle. Selle Italia saddles and Troy Lee Designs have partnered to give some of their saddles some additional style. Thanks to the talent of the famous American designer, the saddles become real works of art - a touch of real imagination and color for those who dislike fitting into molds and hate going unnoticed. Features optimized upper material, specially padded nose and kevlar protection in the rear area. Clamp Style: Std Rails - Length: 275mm - Width: 131mm - Weight: 195.0g
MSRP: $200.00
Website: www.selleitalia.com
Purchase: Selle Italia SLR T1 Troy Lee Design Saddle at GloryCycles.com

Item: DBM Endurance World Championship PRO
DBM Endurance WC PRODetails: DBM Endurance World Championship PRO is a new endurance supplement product that is over 300% more potent than their original Kona Endurance PRO. The unique World Championship PRO formulation will allow you to rapidly increase oxygen intake and reduce lactic acid, the cause of sore and tired legs. World Championship PRO is now formulated with Rhodiola rosea containing 15% Rosavins. They have also added L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate to the DBM Amino Fusion component to help improve endurance and increase workout capacity.
MSRP: $89.95 (Limited time offer right now at $64.95)
Website: www.dbmnutrition.com/DBM_endurance_wc.shtml
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