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New Rx Nutrition DVD's for Mind, Body and Health

Rx Nutrition DVDAre you looking to get into the best shape of your life so you can swim, bike, and run faster? If so, then you should check out the new Rx Nutrition 3-disc DVD set, Eating for Improved Performance in Life, Fitness, and Sport!

Rx Nutrition is an Educational and Motivational 3-DVD series that will revolutionize the way we think about food. It is a prescription for a healthier lifestyle! (3 disc DVD set, $49.95)

According to Dr. Rick Kattouf, the host of Rx Nutrition "Individuals want to begin breaking away from conventional beliefs and thoughts that may be sabotaging their health. I want to show the big difference between eating healthy versus eating right. We may be eating healthy, but, if it is not 'right', results will not follow."

Dr. Rick Kattouf shows us how to break through the clutter and streamline key nutrition principles with the new DVD, Rx Nutrition so we can get the most out of life, fitness, and sport. So we can excel in our day-to-day life or at our next triathlon event.

In the three DVD set that contains discs entitled, Life, Fitness and Sport, Rick lays out the principles for a nutrition foundation. Each disc builds on the principles developed in the first disc, the Life program. Fitness nutrition, for example, is based on following the "Life Principles" and adding the additional nutrition elements that will enhance the increased metabolism for a fitness program, no matter what the level. It provides the fuel to stay on top of fitness activities. The Sport DVD follows the Fitness Program, with the additional nutritional tips required to reach the desired Sport/athletic level.

He will teach you how to maximize your energy levels and get your body's metabolism stoked!

Rick's program has brought success to his clients in all walks of life ranging from Professional Football players, elite cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, long distance runners and others who have struggled with weight loss or just want to improve their lives. Rx Nutrition breaks through the clutter and streamlines key nutrition principles to get the most out of life, fitness, and sport. Make no mistake; this is a journey not a sprint. It is a lifestyle!

"Rick talked with me about using liquid fuel (food bottles) on the bike as opposed to solid fuel. I took his suggestion and started fueling with the food bottles at the 2009 Tirreno-Adriatico. For a 110 mile stage, I would consume 4-5 food bottles and would not feel the need to have any solid food...and I would feel great at the finish! I highly recommend the fueling principles Rick has laid out in Rx Nutrition for maximum performance!" - George Hincapie, 14x Tour de France, 5x Olympian

According to Dr. Kattouf, "Whether you are new to fitness, a professional athlete, or somewhere in between, Rx Nutrition will arm viewers with the necessary tools to get the most out of life, fitness, and sport."

Click here to get your copy of Rx Nutrition: Eating for Improved Performance in Life, Fitness, and Sport (3-DVD Set) via Amazon.com

About Dr. Rick Kattouf:
Kattouf is CEO and founder of TeamKattouf, Inc., www.teamkattouf.com. He is the author of "Forever Fit" the definitive guide to physical and mental self- improvement through proper nutrition and exercise. He has contributed articles to Livestrong.com and is in demand as a motivational speaker. He is a wellness and sport nutrition consultant and practices what he preaches as attested to by his success as an athlete. He is a three time national age group champion as a duathlete, a four time participant with Team USA as a duathlete, and a four time USAT All-American as a duathlete. He is a food Psychology coach, Doctor of Optometry, MMACA Conditioning Coach, and ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach.

You can also catch Rick on the new TriTopics triathlon podcast as he'll be one of the shows contributors. (New TriTopics Weekly Triathlon Podcast Launched)