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Schildknecht, Thürig Capture Ironman Switzerland Titles

ronnie schildknechtRonnie Schildknecht captures his 4th consecutive Ironman Switzerland title while Karin Thürig captures her 2nd Ironman Switzerland victory today in Zurich. No rain and cooler conditions helped Thürig narrowly miss a sub 9 hour time but set a new course record today. Schildknecht who had his best time here barely missed a new course record, the old mark was 8:12:27 set by Olivier Bernhard.

2010 Ironman Switzerland Results:

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Ronnie Schildknecht 8:12:40
Karin Thürig 9:00:04*
Swen Sundberg 8:29:18
Heleen Bij de Vaate 9:23:50
Mike Aigroz 8:34:24
Monika Lehmann 9:28:25
Stefan Riesen 8:37:10
Simone Benz 9:29:44
Gerrit Schellens 8:38:26
Regula Rohrbach (F36) 9:36:25
Stefan Schmid (M24) 8:38:59
Sarah Schütz 9:36:45
Mikel Elguezabal 8:42:04
Sandra Tschumi (F31) 9:48:33
Mike Schifferle 8:43:51
Ana Casares Polo 10:05:16
Rafael Wyss 8:47:16
Susanne Gries (F34) 10:06:03
Pieter Helin 8:47:16
Michaela Giger 10:07:07
* = Course Record

In the men's race an 18-24 age grouper Stefan Schmid of Germany finished in 6th assuming the timing system is correct. Several female age groupers finished in the top 10 in the women's race.

Both Rebecca Preston and Maximilian Longree pulled out of today's race before the start of the day.

Notable DNF's for the day Mathias Hecht, who exited the race 2km into the run while still in contentions, only 30 seconds behind Schildknecht.

Additional Race Coverage:
- 2010 Ironman Switzerland Coverage and Athlete Tracker [via Ironman.com]
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