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New reGen™ Muscle Recovery Beverage Launched

reGen™'s Natural Cocoa, 3:1 Carb-to-Protein Formulation Proven Clinically to Accelerate Muscle Recovery and Increase Endurance

regenWheat Ridge, CO -- High-performance athletes, and those who aspire to achieve this distinction, now have a nutritious and great-tasting option to help them train longer and harder with the launch of reGen™ recovery beverage. The first of-its-kind muscle recovery drink is designed to harness the antioxidant benefits found in natural cocoa with the nutrients athletes need to recover their muscles following a grueling workout.

The creation of reGen™ recovery beverage was inspired by several peer-reviewed research studies demonstrating natural cocoa's role in improving blood flow. Produced by Apure Foods Company of Wheat Ridge, CO, reGen™ has been clinically shown to help speed muscle recovery and increase exercise endurance.(1)

reGen™ is powered by natural cocoa, with more than two tablespoons (12 grams) in each 200-calorie, 11-ounce serving to provide more antioxidant power than that of many superfruits. Research shows that consuming natural cocoa can help maintain healthy blood flow, which may enhance the delivery of carbohydrates and protein during muscle recovery, and may enable a more efficient removal of the "waste" products produced during exercise that can lead to post-training muscle soreness.(2)

Many chocolate-flavored beverages utilize alkalized cocoa, for improved flavor, color and solubility; however, alkalization can significantly reduce cocoa's antioxidant power. Scientists from the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition™ worked with the reGen™ team to develop a unique patent-pending process that incorporates the large amount of natural cocoa found in each serving of reGen™ without resorting to the use
of alkalized cocoa.

reGen™ also contains the scientifically-recommended 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, optimal for recovery.(3) Each serving contains 35 grams of carbohydrates to 11 grams of protein from whey and casein. (reGen Nutrition Factsheet)

"Nutrition for recovery is one of the most important, yet misunderstood, elements of a committed training program," said Dr. Amy Griel Preston, Ph.D., R.D., senior nutrition scientist for the Hershey Center For Health & Nutrition. "reGen™ is designed to give committed athletes the right nutrients, in the proper ratio, at the right time, to pursue their athletic goals."

According to clinical testing done by Miami Research Associates, study participants who consumed the reGen™ beverage experienced an average of 25 percent improvement in their muscle recovery compared to the leading carbohydrate and electrolyte beverage. In the same clinical study, when participants consumed reGen™ they experienced an average 9.7 percent increase in endurance versus when they consumed an identical beverage without cocoa.(4)

"Several research studies have shown the potential benefits of natural cocoa over the years, so it was exciting to observe the results that athletes using reGen™ generated in this clinical study," said Douglas S. Kalman PhD, RD of Miami Research Associates. "These new findings may just reset the game in post-workout muscle recovery."

Consuming reGen™ within the first hour after a workout maximizes its benefits; however, nutrition for muscle recovery goes beyond the first 60 minutes.(5) It is important to consume the correct amount of carbohydrates and protein approximately every two hours, for up to four to six hours, after training.(6) These needs can be met either by drinking a second reGen™ muscle recovery beverage two hours post-workout or by eating a well-balanced meal that contains both carbohydrates and protein.

reGen™ is 99.9 percent lactose-free and will be initially released in the Northeast region
of the U.S. beginning in June 2010. reGen™ is compliant with NCAA guidelines for
nutrition for collegiate athletes.

Each single-serve, 11-ounce shelf-stable container has a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.49. reGen™ will be available at local health clubs, gyms and specialty cycling and running retailers, as well as online at www.regen2recover.com.

For more information, and to learn more about reGen™ recovery beverage and the
science of recovery, please visit www.regen2recover.com

Apure Foods Company:
Apure Foods Company was launched in April 2010 to develop and deliver food and beverage products with enhanced nutritional and wellness benefits. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hershey Company.

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