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Sub 8 Day for Marino Vanhoenacker at Ironman Austria

marino vanhoenackerMarino Vanhoenacker and Eva Dollinger dominate 2010 Ironman Austria.

It was a stellar day for Marino Vanhoenacker of Belgium who's in one day propelled himself into Ironman greatness with his mix of achievements in Klagenfurt. Vanhoenacker achievements on the day include:
- 5th consecutive Ironman Austria title
- A sub 8 hour time of 7:52:05, the fourth fastest Ironman time of all-time

Here are Vanhoenacker's amazing 7:52:05 splits for the day: Swim 47:49, T1 1:38, Bike 4:18:29, T2 2:04, Run 2:42:03

Just last week we reported about Marcel Zamora Perez winning 5 consecutive Ironman titles at a specific race and now we have Vanhoenacker doing the same thing.

Vanhoenacker joins an elite group of people who have won five consecutive Ironman titles at a particular race. The list includes Mark Allen (Ironman World Championship), Cameron Brown (Ironman New Zealand) and Chris McCormack (Ironman Australia), Marcel Zamora Perez (Ironman France), Joanna Lawn (Ironman New Zealand) and Lisa Bentley (Ironman Australia).

Once Vanhoenacker took the lead on the bike he pretty much never looked back and he continually extended his lead on the bike course and then held on to it while out on the run. Last year he was just shy of breaking the 8 hour barrier, but today shattered that with his 7:52:05 winning time.

On the women's side, Eva Dollinger of Austria dominated the course as well, taking home the victory in a time of 9:18:50 and possibly her first Ironman title. She finished 16 minutes ahead of Karina Ottosen who took second place and a mix of female age group athletes who finished in the top 10.

2010 Ironman Austria Results:

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Marino Vanhoenacker 7:52:05*
Eva Dollinger 9:18:50
Dennis Devriendt 8:12:51
Karina Ottosen 9:34:50
Michael Weiss 8:14:50
Beate Görtz (F-40) 9:38:56
Markus Fachbach 8:20:43
Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner (F-25) 9:41:19
Jose Luis Cano Villanueva 8:23:04
Michaela Rudolf (F-35) 9:43:03
Stephen Bayliss 8:31:07
Barbara Tesar 9:43:27
Max Renko 8:34:57
Joyce Wolfe (F-30) 9:46:43
Patrick Wallimann 8:36:56
Sandra Stattmann (F-30) 10:03:01
Ernst Moser 8:40:51
Kathrin Paetzold 10:05:28
Anton Blokhin 8:43:17
Annette Mack (F-40) 10:05:28

Notable DNF's for the day include Rebecca Preston who DNF'd after suffering from cramping in her legs and Bella Bayliss who dropped out while out on the marathon course.

The top 4 Ironman finisher times of all-time:
- Luc Van Lierde: 7:50:27
- Jurgen Zack: 7:51:42
- Peter Reid: 7:51:56
- Marino Vanhoenacker: 7:52:05

Some 2,600 athletes took part in today's race.

Additional Race Coverage:
- 2010 Ironman Austria Coverage and Athlete Tracker [via Ironman.com]
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