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Incredible Day for Wellington & Henning at Challenge Roth

IMG_7059.jpgIt was an incredibly fast day at the 2010 Challenge Roth triathlon in Roth, Germany as Chrissies Wellington smashes her previous iron distance world record time and Rasmus Henning comes close to Luc Van Lierde old mark world record mark.

Wellington wins Challenge Roth for the second consecutive time and again sets a new female world record iron distance time with her 8:19:13 finish time. Her previous world record time was 8:31:59. Wellington's world record performance was comprised of 50:28 swim, a 4:36:33 bike, and a 2:48:54 marathon. She finished 7th overall today and 30+ minutes ahead of Rebekah Keat who took second place today. It appears that she has recovered nicely from her injury and is back on track in 2010.

On the men's side, Rasmus Henning's time of 7:52:36 is similar to the time posted by Marino Vanhoenacker at Ironman Austria a few weeks ago and was just two minutes shy of Van Lierde's time of 7:50:27. It wasn't quite as easy for Henning, as he had to contend with Germany's Sebastian Kienle who had the fastest bike split of the day and the lead going into the run. Henning smoked Kienle on the run by over ten minutes and captures the victory. Eneko Llanos was in the mix while out on the bike course, but didn't have what he needed on the run and finished in third place.

2010 Challenge Roth Results:

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Rasmus Henning 7:52:36
Chrissie Wellington 8:19:13
Sebastian Kienle 7:59:06
Rebekah Keat 8:52:10
Eneko Llanos 8:02:33
Tereza Macel 9:09:29
Pete Jacobs 8:08:56
Belinda Granger 9:15:25
Michael Goehner 8:13:09
Dagmar Matthes 9:32:05
James Cunnama 8:18:47
Kristin Lie 9:41:50
Cyrill Viennot 8:22:20
Mareen Hufe 9:44:32
Richard Ussher 8:24:56
Birgitte Christensen 9:49:42
Christophe Bastie 8:25:58
Helen Buley 9:51:34
Sylvain Rota 8:26:34
Fiona Moorehead-Lane 9:54:19

Notable and unfortunate DNF's for the day include Normann Stadler, who was expected to finish well but didn't. His day ended some 120km into the bike course with muscle cramp issues.