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Beat the Heat with Zoot Arm Cooler Sleeves

zoot arm coolersThe weather this first month of summer has been extremely warm and it seems that it's likely to continue... Here is a product that will help you stay cool on those longer distance triathlon events. It made its limited debut at the 2009 Ironman World Championship race in Kona and now it's available to everyone. Protect yourself from the sun and heat while staying cool with the new Zoot Arm Cooler Sleeves. Unlike Arm Warmers which keep you warm in cold conditions, these Arm Coolers are designed to keep you cooler in hot weather while out on the bike and run course.

The Zoot Arm Cooler Sleeves are made with Ice-Fil fabric, a multi step skin cooling technology. The cooling fabric thrives in hot and humid conditions with its moisture-absorbing properties. The fabric surface treatment absorbs heat from the body and blocks infrared rays from the sun, actually reducing skin temperature by 5°F / 3°C by converting sweat to a refrigerant. The sleeves are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable and anti-bacterial, with measurable skin-cooling capability and built-in sun U.V. protection.

If you are fortunate enough to wear a long sleeve wetsuit on the swim, put these Arm Coolers on before putting on your wetsuit, that way you won't have to deal with putting them on after your swim. Don't worry if they get wet, the water will evaporate and give you a cooling effect. For non-wetsuit swims or with a sleeveless wetsuit, roll the Arm Cooler Sleeves into donut shapes, that way you can slip them on up to your wrist and then roll them up your arm.

Remember this, when things get hot out on your bike or run, make sure to stay hydrated and also pour water on the Zoot Arm Cooler Sleeve to experience the cooling effect.

MSRP: $35.00

- Ice-Fil fabric
- Blocks Thermal Radiation from Infrared
- Dischard Thermal Radiation w/Xylitol
- Controls moisture and sweat
- U.V. Protection
- Moisture absorbing
- 2-way circulation
- Anti-bacterial
- Fast drying
- Hypo-allergenic silicone keeps the arm coolers securely in place

For additional details on the Zoot Arm Cooler Sleeves or to purchase a pair for your next triathlon race check out: www.zootsports.com/spring2010/product/arm-coolers