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Introducing the Custom Fit Somnio Running Shoes

somnio pace maker running shoeDo you hate how your running shoes fit? Do you wish could special order the perfect fit without spending having to spend a lot money? Did you know that Somnio Running has a line of biomechanical customizable running shoes. Breaking new ground in the running shoe industry, Somnio shoes feature an adjustable component system that creates a custom-fit to match each runner's unique biomechanics.

Founded on the premise that shoes should adapt to the runner, not the other way around, Somnio shoes can adapt to (or correct) the particular alignment, arch and cushioning needs of each runner's foot. Developed at the prestigious Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the current line consists of 6 base models for men and women, and 12 adjustable inserts that can be combined to create over 11,664 different possible configurations for each shoe size. Each model features Somnio's signature F.E.A.T. system (Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent System), which includes various customizable components that can be fine tuned for the perfect, gait-efficient fit. The custom components include:

 • Interchangeable footbeds for a custom fit based on the runner's arch height
 • Interchangeable IndX cushion inserts for long lasting cushioning and customization based on weight and preferred usage
 • Tunable Varus angulation for addressing each runner's particular biomechanical needs - just like having a custom-made orthodic made specifically for the shoe

There is a huge benefit to being correctly aligned in your shoes, both for running and everyday activities. With its revolutionary F.E.A.T. system, Somnio can improve an individual's biomechanics through adjustability of the shoes key components.

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"Every runner is different, and we believe that every pair of running shoes should be different," explained Somnio founder Sean Sullivan. "We built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was developed in the nation's leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real runners."

The Somnio Running Shoe line consists of the following shoes for both men and women and fully customizable:
 • Motion Control
 • Stability
 • Neutral
 • Lightweight Neutral
 • Cushioned Motion Control
 • Trail

Before founding Somnio, Sean Sullivan was head of product development for top brands like The North Face, Pearl Izumi and Specialized bikes where he helped launch the bike company's Body Geometry line of customized bike shoes. An avid runner all his life, Sean immediately saw a need for customization in the running shoe industry. He enlisted the help of Dr. Andy Pruitt in the human performance lab at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to create the Somnio system and a patented fitting tool that evaluates a runner's foot to determine the correct prescription of inserts needed.

"The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine played a key role in the development and testing of Somnio running shoes," said Sullivan. "Dr. Pruitt's knowledge of both treating and preventing running injuries led to the concept of adapting the shoe to each runner's biomechanics."

Somnio dealers across the country will have access to Somnio's biomechanics training programs to be held at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Boulder, CO throughout the year. For a complete list of stores, visit the Somnio Running website at www.somniorunning.com.

Industry Recognition:
 • National Geographic Adventure 'Must Have Gear for 2010'
 • Popular Science 'Best Innovation of the Year 2009'
 • Women's Running 'Best Custom Fit'

About Somnio:
Somnio is Latin for "dream." Our dream at Somnio is to keep runners healthy and on the road longer so that they may realize their goals. We aren't just selling shoes; we're solving problems and helping dreams come true. By creating running shoes that adapt to the individual runner, we offer a more personal fit, address chronic issues and pain, and help prevent injuries through better biomechanics. Join the Runaissance. www.somniorunning.com