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Potts & Corbin Capture First Ironman Titles in Coeur d'Alene

ironman coeur d aleneThe 2010 Ironman Coeur d'Alene will always be a memorable one for Andy Potts and Linsey Corbin as it becomes the race/day they both won their first Ironman titles. It's even extra special for Corbin who also sets a new course record with her impressive victory.

The only deficit Pott's had to make up was the 30 second lead John Flanagan had on him exiting the swim. He quickly made up the difference exiting T1 and pretty much never looked back. Out on the course today he looked consistent, strong, like a man on a mission. He took control of this race early on the bike and held the lead for the remainder of bike and throughout the run for the win. Potts splits for the day were: Swim 46:28, Bike 4:42:02 and Run a 2:52:48 with a total time of 8:24:40. Potts can now add Ironman Coeur d'Alene champion to impressive race resume. This was Pott's only third ever Ironman race and the first one outside of Kona where he had 2 top ten finishes.

The women's race wasn't decided until the late stages of the run when Corbin passed friend and training partner Meredith Kessler for the victory. Kessler, who took the lead on the bike and then into the run couldn't hold pace with Corbin who kept cutting into her lead. Somewhere around the 16/17 mile mark, Corbin passed Kessler and steadily extended her lead that lead her to the win and the new course record. Her splits for the day were 1:01:04 Swim, 5:07:44 Bike and a 3:04:36 Marathon time for an overall time of 9:17:14. Her patience paid off today. Unfortunately it's

2010 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Results:

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Andy Potts 8:24:14
Linsey Corbin * 9:17:54
Courtney Ogden 8:38:17
Meredith Kessler 9:23:52
Michael Lovato 8:41:17
Kelly Williamson 9:39:23
Luke Bell 8:43:16
Haley Cooper-Scott 9:42:02
Chris McDonald 8:48:30
Janelle Morrison 9:50:25
Matty White 8:49:04
Nicole Ward 9:56:48
Patrick Evoe 8:52:05
Lauren Harrison 10:00:16
Raul Pereira 9:04:21
Rachel Kiers 10:03:48
Adam Jensen 9:06:32
Malaika Homo 10:07:15
Rob Johnson 9:10:54
Fiona Whitby 10:34:44
* = Course Record

It's was also an impressive day for Australia's Courtney Ogden who was in fifth place during the run and worked his way through the men's field to finish in 2nd place. Michael Lovato took advantage of the fading Luke Bell but could not keep up with the surging Odgen.

It was also an impressive and unfortunate day for first year pro Meredith Kessler who was leading the race. She finishes the day in 2nd place for the second time in her second Ironman race of her pro career with a time of 9:23:52

Notable athletes that didn't have a good day in Coeur d'Alene include Desiree Ficker who was in contention and then disappeared half way through the marathon. Bree Wee, Gina Crawford and Matt Lieto also DNF'd.

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