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5 Tips for Taming the Triathlon by Desiree Ficker

triathlonstartimage.jpgTraining for a triathlon is challenging, fun and at times can seem daunting. Being prepared is of the utmost importance. Desiree Ficker, the 2006 Ironman Kona runner-up, share some training tips via an article on posted on Universal Sports.

1. Recruit a buddy or find a group

Training for a triathlon is challenging, fun and at times can seem daunting. Finding a friend to join you and push you along the way can be invaluable. Sign up for a race together and push each other through the training block along the way. Hold one another accountable for showing up to workouts and encourage each other when one is having an off day.

Another approach is to find a triathlon training group often offered up by a local bike shop or running store. There are many groups starting up now for beginners and intermediates with swim, bike and run sessions offered on a weekly basis. Most cities have several triathlon clubs as well, usually holding workouts for all levels.

Don't be shy, you may find a brand new fun group of friends as well!

Check out the Universal Sports Performance & Training Advice article to see what else Desiree has to say about the following 4 tips.

Five tips for taming the triathlon [via Universal Sports ]

2. Structure workouts based around joy

3. Set short term realistic training goals to meet your long term racing goals

4. Educate yourself on nutrition and hydration for both training and racing

5. Racing 101

Source: Universal Sports