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Trismarter.com Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Service Review

eat2win logoI recently had the opportunity to try out one of the Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Services from Trismarter.com. This post will be an evaluation and review of their Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis (CTDA) service.

We need to consider a few additional things in the sport of triathlon besides swimming, biking and running. One of the other things is proper triathlon nutrition, not only while we are racing but also during training for proper recovery. If we don't fuel our body properly then we won't necessarily reap the benefits of the activity or possibly perform the activity at our optimum level. Sometimes we focus too much on the training and not enough on the fueling of our body properly.

The Trismarter.com CTDA service provides a detailed nutrient analysis based on a 5-7 day food log you provide them. It also includes professional nutrition guidance and recommendations for fueling your body for a healthy lifestyle.

Program Steps:
 • The service starts off with a short phone interview with one of their sports nutritionists or dietitians. They gather some details on you and your training then provide you with details of how this works, what you'll find out and what you need to do.
 • You log your food intake* for a week and then send it to them.
 • After a few days you'll get a detailed nutrition analysis of your food intake with NUTRITION HIGHLIGHTS and NUTRITION GOALS and RECOMMENDATIONS.
 • After reviewing it, you will have time to go over it with your dietitian to hear the good, the bad and maybe the ugly (hopefully not).

 • The food logging was pretty painless and only tedious a couple of times
 • It seemed that food preparation took a bit longer (not used to measuring and logging)
 • It was a learning experience, measuring and reading nutritional labels (something we should do)
 • The effort you put into eating right is the same effort you need to replicate when it comes to measuring and logging during this exercise
 • I was more alert, paying attention to wants vs needs; questioning if more was really needed or necessary

For this service to be of benefit to me, I needed to eat what I normally would eat and not modify my diet for just this week.

healthyfoods.jpgIn the end I found out via the Eat2Win CTDA service that I wasn't taking in enough calories for my current training regimen and/or proper weight management. I guess I wasn't taking in enough carbohydrates but surely eating enough protein. It was an eye opening experience to say the least especially for someone who always seems to be on the go. Based on CTDA - Specific Nutrition Recommendations, I now know that most of the things I do take in are good and also recognize what new things I should consider consuming in the future for a healthier and productive lifestyle.

You might be able to do something similar to this on your own or via some web tools, but you won't get the one-on-one professional expertise and guidance Trismarter.com has to offer with their Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis. I learned via the follow up phone call that some of the eating habits I thought were good for me really weren't. All of the questions I had based on the report I received were answered. I have never done anything like this, but I think it would have been a little more interesting to see specific analysis on a particular meal or day instead of seeing it all summarized. I learned that Trismarter.com is truly professional and focused on helping you out. It's fairly quick and painless and well worth it to see a personal and scientific look at my current eating habits and gain knowledge on what to continue or change to fuel my body properly.

* 5-7 day food / training log detailing food and beverage intake includes the following:
- Specific foods and beverages ingested
- Indicate the quantity or portion of the food and beverage items
- Record the time each meal and snacks ingested
- State the type, duration, start and end time of training sessions

TRIJUICE was offered an opportunity to check out a Trismarter.com Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Service.

Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Services Offered (link):
- Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis
- Training Fuel Strategies
- Race Day Preparation
- Meal Planning Solutions
- Weight Management for Peak Performance