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Triathlon Blurbs: Polar, ISM, Mission Skincare, GU

This edition of Triathlon Blurbs! features new triathlon related products for your bike or to be used while on your bike from Polar, ISM (Ideal Saddle Modification), Mission Skincare and GU Energy. Check them out; they might make your next ride more enjoyable...

Item: Polar CS500 Cycling Computer
polar cs500Details: Get key training / racing biking data with this new, sleek, buttonless, easy to read, stem mounted Polar CS500 Cycling Computer. After your ride, you can review the key details on the big screen or download the data to your pc for historical tracking. Here is the promotional video for the new bike computer (CS500 Video)

• Autostart feature
• Oversized display for easy analysis
• Unique buttonless functionality / rocker switch operation
• Displays the incline and decline grade along with with altitude measurement
• Interference-free (hear rate, speed, cadence) transmission with W.I.N.D. technology
• Fluid intake reminders

MSRP: CS500 $319.95, CS500 + Cad $359.95
Website: www.polarusa.com/us-en/products/maximize_performance/cycling/CS500

Item: ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle
adamo breakaway saddleDetails: New for 2010 is the ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle which uses a design that breaks away from the norm in order to offer more comfort for you, especially when you find yourself bent over in your drops / aero bars. The ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle has a sizeable cutout that relieves the pressure put on the perineal artery by many of today's typical racing saddles. The saddle features the same bio-mechanic design and shape of the Adamo Podium but ISM added more foam padding and gel to soften the ride. It has lightweight titanium rails with a 65mm flat section to offer great fore and aft adjustability.

ISM has been known to the multi-sport crowd for a few years now and has been gaining popularity as the word spreads. Some of the pro athletes using ISM saddles include: Bella Bayliss, Laura Bennett, Hillary Biscay, Sarah Haskins, Joanna Lawn, Samantha McGlone, Andy Potts, Raynard Tissink, and Patrick Vernay.
MSRP: $199 Available in Black, White
Website: www.ismseat.com/products_breakaway.htm

Item: Mission Skincare - High-Performance Anti-Friction Cream
mission skincare anti friction creamDetails: The concentrated, paraben-free, vitamin-enriched formula lasts and lasts, so you can push yourself as far as you think you can go, and then some. It won't stain clothing, so you can even use it for everyday clothing-to-skin irritation. Mission Skincare athletes and scientists engineer high-performance skincare products designed specifically for athletes.

• Helps Relieve Irritation from Skin-to-Skin, Fabric-to-Skin, Equipment-to-Skin and Footwear-to-Skin Friction
•Vitamin-Enriched Formula
•Preservative/Paraben Free
• Long-Lasting Formula
• Won't Stain Clothes

MSRP: $9.99
Website: www.missionskincare.com

Item: GU Energy Gel - Jet Blackberry
gu energy jet blackberryDetails: GU Energy Gels are specifically formulated to energize your body during exercise and now they have a tasty new flavor with 2X Caffeine, Jet Blackberry. GU Energy Gels contains maltodextrin, the best complex carbohydrate for delivering energy to working muscles. GU also contains the optimal balance of carbohydrates for the body during exercise: 80% complex/20% simple. It is this balance of maltodextrin and fructose in GU that delivers a quick rise in blood sugar and maintains that glucose level for up to 45 minutes during exercise.
MSRP: $32.40 for a 24-pack
Website: www.guenergy.com
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